German Bishop Wants Communion for Non-Catholics

Protestants in mixed marriages with Catholics should be allowed "in individual cases" to receive Holy Communion according to Bishop Gerhard Feige of Magdeburg, Germany.

Feige told the official news-webpage of the German Bishops katholisch.de that it would be “liberating” to allow what is now forbidden [but commonly practiced and encouraged without any spiritual benefit].

Picture: Gerhard Feige, © Thomas Guffler, CC BY-SA, #newsDvqiurkkpq
To engage in communion with a Church with which you are not in communion. Who exactly is buying any of the nonsense coming out of nuchurch? Germans should stick to making mechanisms and so forth; something they're good at. When it comes to matters theological, they are dim bulbs.
whats that mean ? ,what about that pastorial guidance to coversion to catholicism ?we dont want waterdown doctrine