Expert: "Vaccines Are Bioterrorism"

Experimental Covid-19 vaccines are “propagandised bioterrorism by injection," Peter McCullough, a renewed cardiologist, professor of medicine and editor of two major medical journals, states in a June 11 video interview (below).

McCullough, a prominent critic of the vaccines, has published many video about this topic. For him this worldwide bioterrorism has been in the planning for many years.

He warns that the vaccines may sterilise the young, foster cancer, and have already likely caused 50,000 (!) deaths only in the United States.

Although Covid-19 effects relatively few people - about one percent of the population - it generates fear and isolation, McCullough observes, "This fear enables policies like lockdowns, mask mandates, and mass testing."

For him the suppression of early Covid treatment was done in order to advertise the necessity of a vaccine. Now, the vaccination program goes a step further, “They want a needle in every arm to inject messenger RNA or adenoviral DNA into every human being.”

Thank God for this man & all who are fighting to save lives!
When it comes to the day I can't make a living . . . . Well I can't say more or maybe thrown in prison but I will NEVER take it!!! NEVER! I will FIGHT! A BIG F U To the globalist scumbags!!!
Amen, we will never surrender to evil!