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"Active pilots who died in the USA - 2019: 1 - 2020: 6 - 2022 (January to September): 119" - Meanwhile, the press says nothing, the aeronautical doctors say nothing, the flight companies say nothing - Related: "Vaccinated pilot warns about the risk of a plane crash" - Related: "A… - Emergency Landing Required Due To The Sudden In Flight Death Of A Vaccinated Delta Pilot.
there is a good chance that an airplane will crash
Miles - Christi
Yes, alas, it's very likely to happen...
Laura Yunque
I have a sense that between this and the 5g issue, we may see planes falling out of the sky soon.
Miles - Christi - English
Unhappily, I think this is true...
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joao luis
El avión incrementa el riesgo de trombosis. Morirán la mayoría...
joao luis
La verdadera plandemia arranca
Asi es que las CONSECUENCIAS VAX solo empezaron en SU EXTERMINIO global, MÁS FUE BIEN AVISADO por muchos.