Leaked Letters: "No Penalty" For Freemasons Catholics

The Melbourne Catholic writer Kathy Clubb published a two-letter-correspondence between a masonic Grand Master and the Australian Bishops' Conference about accepting a membership of Catholics in masonic sects.

The first letter is from the Grand Master Stephen Michalak, a "Catholic," who in July 2016 asked for a pathway for Freemasons to a full participation in the sacramental life of the Church.

Michalak received a July 2017 reply (article’s picture) from Father Stephen Hackett, the Secretary of the Australian Bishops’ Conference.

Referring to consultations with different Bishops’ Commissions, Father Hackett claims that a membership in Freemasonry should be dealt with on the level of the local parish.

He even writes that a - so far unknown - 1984 "Catholic directive" determines that “no penalty attaches to Catholic membership of the Masonic order.”

In truth, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith declared in 1983 that freemasonry is incompatibility with the Faith and that “no local ecclesiastical authority has the competence to derogate” from the negative judgments on freemasonry.


It is rampant that a bishop's conference denies the Vatican declaration that is still valid:
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Dr Bobus
Fr Michalak is.practicing the art of passing the buck, which qualifies him for a middle management position.

And it makes him a strong candidate for the hierarchy
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If they fail to penalize without a rescript of the Holy See, then they are in schism from the Catholic Church, on top of the fact that if they are in communion with Bergoglio they are in double schism.
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