The BCP joins the Bishops of Moldova and addresses the Orthodox and Catholic bishops: Prevent chipping!

Background: In the plan to reduce humanity, the strongest component is chipping. What does it need to work? 5G antenna system. In addition, the introduction of the 5G system has a significant devastating effect on the human body (it causes a number of diseases – the so-called 5G syndrome). An example is Wuhan in China, where at the end of 2019 they built 10,000 5G antennas. They activated the system, and people using wireless internet or smartphones were falling like ninepins. Everything was promptly disguised with coronavirus. Subsequently, a planned pandemic was declared.

What solution did humanity reduction engineers prepare? Vaccines! It is a well-known fact that with the vaccine not only toxic substances but today also a nanochip enter the body. The common flu vaccine is also dangerous, and every vaccine in general!

It was found out that the obligation to test vaccines for quality had not been fulfilled in the United States for 32 years. (…/who-cdc-gates-d…) Consequently, the US Supreme Court abolished compulsory vaccination of citizens, though it was not the only reason. The main reason is the danger of vaccines with nanochip elements!

People need to be aware of the threat posed by 5G antennas that are being built in big cities these days. If the 5G system were introduced, smartphones and wireless connections would become de facto deadly tools. (…/quaternary-weap…) Japan rejected the 5G system!

One of the signs of the apostasy of church hierarchs is that they covertly or openly promote vaccines. The first step is coronavirus testing. An apostate Dominican from Kiev is already promoting chipping publicly and brazenly. He uses attractive motivation, as if the chips solve all health problems. But he fails to emphasize the main thing, namely that the whole system is in the hands of those who want to reduce the population of the planet by 6 billion!!! So will chipping serve your health or kill you?

Thanks are therefore due to the Moldovan bishops who have clearly pointed out the current threat and called on the government and the people to reject vaccination, because today it means chipping. (…/vakcinaciya_pre…) We quote: “Vaccination means the danger of microchipping... The global Antichrist’s system wants to get microchips into people’s bodies to control them, using 5G technologies... 5G technology in conjunction with some vaccines developed in China and Italy has caused this virus to appear, turning the whole planet upside down.”

“Don’t give your consent to being vaccinated, because that’s the final point of the plan of Satanists and globalists, because of which they invented the coronavirus to make people scared. A voluntarily vaccinated person allows a tracking mechanism to be implanted in his or her body. The vaccine also affects the human mind. A computer begins to tell a person what to do, how to think, when to speak, when to blaspheme God,”
warned Moldovan Bishop Markell, urging people to pray and read the Bible more often.

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP) shares the view of the Moldovan bishops. It hereby addresses all Orthodox and Catholic bishops: Dear Bishops, call on the governments in your nations to prohibit compulsory vaccination by law, following the example of the United States.

Today, many Christians needlessly spend hours on the Internet, television, and cell phones! As a result, they have become addicted, they are no longer free. In addition, they are fatally endangered by wireless technology if 5G is introduced. It is necessary to abstain from it and escape this serious danger, and especially chipping. Jesus says, “This kind of demon does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” (Mt 17:21) Let everyone fast on water on Wednesdays and Fridays until supper. Jesus was betrayed by the Apostle Judas on Wednesday and was crucified on Friday. We fast on Wednesday not to betray Jesus, and on Friday in honor of His death for us and also to persevere in following Him and, if necessary, to die martyrs. We will thus save our souls for eternity.

How to pray continually? (Lk 18:1.7-8; 1Thess 5:17) Let every Christian make a promise to God to spend one hour daily in interior prayer, but let them also try to pray more. They will thus build a net of continual prayer to save mankind from mass suicide – both temporal and eternal. Jesus also says to you, “Could you not watch with Me one hour? Watch and pray!” (Mt 26:40-41)

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

May 22, 2020