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The Charter of a Christian State Besides the Constitution, the Charter is the fundamental ideological document. It sets the priority of the state policy and social life. The State is governed by …More
The Charter of a Christian State

Besides the Constitution, the Charter is the fundamental ideological document. It sets the priority of the state policy and social life. The State is governed by this priority, protects it and incorporates it through legislation into everyday life.
The former – so-called democratic – organization of society with five-year election periods and division of the Government into the ruling party and the opposition shall be abolished. The reason is abuse of democracy for the purpose of establishing a totalitarian system of globalization.

1) The State protects spiritual and material values
The primary interest of the State is the protection of the physical, mental and spiritual health of every citizen. It means that the State examines all forms of destructive influences that threaten health, coming from whatever source, eliminates these influences and informs the public about the dangers.
- Evil in the State shall be justly punished and destructive elements eliminated.
- The fight against alcoholism, drug addiction: a total ban on import, production and sale of narcotics.
- The fight against smoking: preventive work with youth focused on eradication of harmful addiction.
- Control of food quality; production of healthy food without chemical additives; ban on genetically modified foods.
- Responsible control of carcinogenic substances, their elimination from the food and pharmaceutical industries.
- Responsible control and ban on destructive youth subcultures (emo and goth culture, rock, heavy metal, psychedelic music, culture of aggression and cynicism, decadent films, instructions for perversion and crime via the Internet...).
- Full control and prohibition of all forms of vaccination which can be a cause of diseases in children (eg. autism, weakened immune system, allergies...).
- Prohibition of psychological manipulation of citizens through psychological weapons, waves, radiation, subliminal messages (25th frame), ultrasound, various new technologies using music, misuse of mobile phones, of the Internet and of tablets.
- Ban on activities of foreign organizations which pursue indoctrination of the population, subversive and destructive activities.
- Ban on Masonic lodges, monitoring of their attempts to infiltrate into the public sector; ban on activities of Masonic organizations (Rotary Club, Lions Club, Orders...).

2) The priority of the policy is the family
The State protects and supports the family in all spheres of life because the family is the fundamental cell of society. Family is a permanent relationship between a man, his wife and their children.
- The State shall promote stability of the family and seek to eliminate all negative influences that would disturb this stability.
- The State shall support and accept marital fidelity and indissolubility of marriage as its priority.
- Therefore the State shall prohibit the promotion of marital infidelity, divorce, premarital relationships and promiscuity in the sphere of culture and mass media.
- The mass media shall actively embody the Charter, truthfully comment on and warn against the destructive fruits of premarital life, infidelity, promiscuity, divorce. Any morally corrupting influence of the press or television shall be fined (e.g. Germany: € 2 million fine for violation of the state ideology).
- Children are naturally bound to parents and the State has no right to remove them from their parents.
- The State shall establish counselling centres to help young people prepare for marriage and responsible parenthood. These centres will help married couples to deal with their life problems and to find a correct solution. The aim is to prepare sober and mature people for married life and to help them preserve marriage. The centres will help them solve their problems without violating their right to privacy.
- Schools shall promote a stable family life, a responsible approach to life, purity, fidelity and responsible parenthood as a life pattern.
- All antifamily technologies shall be prohibited. So shall be all juvenile justice mechanisms. All hitherto adopted laws incorporating the juvenile justice system shall be cancelled. So shall be all (UN, PACE, EU...) resolutions and documents which form the basis of the juvenile justice system.
- Gender ideology ... Сontinuation: