Surprise! Francis Turns Out to Be a Relativist - Schneider

Inter-religious meetings limit the horizon to a natural view of religion, Bishop Athanasius Schneider has observed (CatholicHerald.co.uk, September 29).

Accordingly, Francis spoke in Astana only of a "Creator" and of the "Almighty." By promoting a natural view of religion and not confessing Christ's uniqueness, he reveals himself as a de facto relativist in matters of religion, Schneider concludes. This explains for him Francis' ambiguous language about other religions and his exhortation to be 'open to the courage of otherness.’

Schneider stresses that Mt 4:16 ("they dwell in darkness and the shadow of death") applies to all non-Christians, including Jews and Muslims.

Interreligious meetings give the impression of a sort of supermarket of religions and equal all religions although "the Catholic religion is the only true religion, willed by God.” Schneider underlines that religious diversity violates the First Commandment and is therefore negative in the eyes of God, who permits this diversity, "just as He permits our sins."

Schneider expresses the absurd hope that the Holy See will cease its actions to promote religious relativism, stop participating in inter-religious meetings and proclaim the uniqueness of Christ.


Thank you, Lord, for Bishop Athanasius Schneider - a true shepherd - warning the faithful about the apostasy of the one who calls himself the "Bishop of Rome."
Leaving the bishop's comfort zone is true counter - revolutionary act.