Cardinal Commits Unspeakable Sin: Fined with Almost 1000 US Dollars

The Uruguayan Minister of the Interior Jorge Larrañaga, 64, of the ruling National Party suddenly died of a heart attack on Saturday, May 22.

His Sunday wake was attended for less than 15 minutes by Montevideo Cardinal Daniel Sturla who said the obligatory “brief” prayer in the open air, always wearing a mask.

However, five days earlier, Sturla had met a Covid positive priest. When he found out about this, he underwent two tests with negative results and entered quarantine which should have lasted until Monday when he had another test which was positive, “So, I was immediately concerned about the previous day's event," Sturla wrote on Twitter.com.

Now, the Ministry of Public Health fined the deeply remorseful Sturla with the equivalent of 912,29 US Dollars. The sinner has announced that he will not appeal.


In Canada, the US, and perhaps other countries, there are lawyers who are proud to be fighting these unjust and illegal 'laws'. People can contribute if they have the means and want to safeguard our rights.
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