Residents in an uproar: Planned Parenthood is NOT a good neighbor

Henrietta, New York

This is the best, most significant pro-life news I've heard in a long time.

From the LiveAction article:

Planned Parenthood doesn’t make for a good neighbor, according to the residents of Henrietta, New York. Upon hearing that Planned Parenthood wanted to open an abortion facility in their town, residents caused such an uproar that the town board denied Planned Parenthood’s application.

Read more here: New York town denies Planned Parenthood a permit to open a facility (
John A Cassani
This is really good, because Henrietta is a college town, and not necessarily the type of place you would expect objections to Planned Parenthood. This has to be the next step in pro-life action, especially for those of us who love in “blue states.”
Thank you very much for that insight!