Cardinal with Coronavirus Treated in Private Hospital

Retired Mexico Cardinal Norberto Rivera, 78, is intubated and sedated in intensive care after he contracted Covid-19, media reported.

On Monday he received the Last Rites and, after that, showed some improvement.

Rivera is treated in a private hospital which is not covered by his insurance. Therefore, he asked Mexico Archdiocese for financial support. The archdiocese refused.

Father Hugo Valdemar, a spokesman for Rivera, suggested that the archdiocese had abandoned the Cardinal.

However, the Archdiocese replied that clerics, suffering from Covid-19, should find relieve in the public hospital system “in solidarity with what thousands of Mexicans are going through during this pandemic.”

Picture: Norberto Rivera Carrera © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsZyuubnptqv

Isn't it nice to see how the people who've spent their lives preaching Marxist equality immediately ditch their rhetoric?
Cuthbert Mayne
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Why is this 74 year old man any differently treated than another 74 year old Mexican with Covid-19 ? Infact most of the experts here don’t even consider this a disease. Apparently it doesn’t exist. So why is this Cardinal in a private hospital wasting money?