Cardinal Defends Latin Mass Against Francis’ Crusade

Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen, 89, is worried about possible restrictions Francis may impose on the Traditional Latin Mass.

On his blog (June 12), he makes a point in stressing that he is "clearly not considered an extremist" of the Roman Rite and that he has worked actively for the Novus Ordo as a priest and bishop.

Nevertheless, Zen cannot deny the good that came from the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum. Through the Roman Rite, many young people of Hong Kong have "rediscovered the sense of adoration and reverence we owe to God, our Creator.”

Zen writes that he “cannot forget" the Mass of his childhood. In Shanghai, his father took him to Mass every day and to five Masses on Sunday [while it would be impossible for a contemporary boy to stand the verbiage of five Novus Ordo services in a row].

As a boy, Zen felt the deep reverence of the Roman Rite and was fascinated by the beauty of the Gregorian chant. This experience has nourished his vocation to the priesthood, “as in the case of so many others.”

Picture: Joseph Zen, © Etan Liam, CC BY-ND, #newsCmusxlymit

Lisi Sterndorfer
John Stone: "A word of caution to certain Vatican underlings: Forbidding something just makes it more attractive. Should they try to expunge the ancient Roman Mass of Ages from the face of the earth, people will still find it in the clefts of rocks and in barns and homes. Love never dies!"
There are some good men in the hierarchy,who knows !when they have had enough they may even call for the consecration of Russia and end this mess.