Francis Not Allowed To Contradict His Predecessors – Cardinal Burke

The Church finds herself in “confusion, error and division” and “in most troubled times”, Cardinal Raymond Burke told an audience in Melbourne (October 14).

In a talk recorded by (video below) he noticed that the oligarch media ceased attacking the Church as they did when Benedict XVI was pope. This is for Burke a sign that "the Church" fails in her witness. It was clear that he was speaking about Francis.

Noticing that “secular voices” promote Francis as a revolutionary breaking with the Tradition, he commented, “The office of Saint Peter has nothing to do with revolution.”

Burke calls it "absurd" to think that Francis may be allowed to teach things not in accord with the solemn teaching of his predecessors.

Picture: Raymond Burke,, #newsUwctnlgtxo

Let us pray God continues to inspire and protect Cardinal Burke, Archbishop Chaput, Bishop Schneider, and all faithful, holy priests!
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Bergoglio's predecessor is the traitor Judas Iscariot.