San Rafael: Bishop Taussig Keeps Lying

San Rafael Bishop Eduardo Taussig, Argentina, the “conservative” killer of his seminary, defended his crime during a 40 minutes local TV show (August 7) in front of two obsequious journalists.

Taussig didn’t give a single serious reason for his dramatic step but again blamed the decision on the “Holy See,” specifically on Cardinal Beniamino Stella who heads the Congregation for the Clergy.

Taussig informs that he spoke at the phone for over one hour with Stella who “confirmed” an alleged “need to close the diocesan seminary.” The word "confirmed" proves that Taussig was behind the decision, not Stella.

Still, he continued during the show to decive the public by saying that he had to be “obedient” to Rome. After repeating this false statement, Taussig kept scratching his neck and cheek which in body language is connected to negative emotions or lying.

He explained that he killed the seminary because priests “who came out of this seminary” refused to obey his [unjust] coronavirus decree that imposed communion in the hand.

In many countries, communion in the hand wasn't introduced and this didn’t contribute to an increased spreading of the virus.

Taussig's wrong theory is that there are “different forms of receiving Communion” and that “none” exhausts the “richness of the Eucharist.” Simultaneously he attempts to denigrated receiving Communion which allegedly “transmits saliva from one person to the other” while taking Communion with one's hand is how “the martyrs” received it.


Communion on the tongue yesterday. Communion on the tongue today. Communion on the tongue forever.