Schismatic Germans: Cardinal Woelki Warns Against "German National Church"

The worst result of the German Synodal/Suicidal Way would be if it led to a split from the Church, Cologne Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki told KNA.de (17 September).

He warned that "something like a German national church would then come into being".

Woelki criticised the low theological standard of the synodal texts: "The whole world is currently looking at the Church in Germany and at this Synodal Way, so we simply cannot make fools of ourselves by being theologically incompetent."

Picture: © NAME, CC BY-NC, #newsQfldlepwdx

De Profundis
The German bishops' conference president has responded to Cardinal Woelki's warning of a "national Church" in Germany, affirming he sees no risk of a schism resulting from the "Synodal Process". In 2019, Pope Francis warned of a split in his letter to German Catholics.
RE: the cartoon. That moment when you realize Cardinal Marx has been watching waaay too much "Battle Of The Planets" :D