367. Sheep < Jesus > wolves

Jesus said to those who want to evangelize: “Behold, I am sending you like lambs among wolves.”

As a first impression, it doesn’t seem very comforting. Why would Jesus send us among the wolves, like sheep who have no defences? Yet the image is very strong.

We must then discern of what sheep are unable to do. When sheep are in the pen, everything is fine, but a rancher would not send his animals among the wolves.

Jesus warns us and invites us to prudence and discernment. It’s as if he tells us to take some time, reflect, get used to observing the world we are in for to react and respond well to people who are on the same road as us.

But beyond all the precautions that we can give ourselves to properly embark on a mission, it’s vital that Jesus be first in front of us. Jesus must be the centre, the summit, and the foundation of all that we are called to do in the world. Jesus must be in the centre, between the sheep and the wolf. Us (sheep) < Jesus > wolf.

Jesus is our protection if we pray, if we evangelize with him, if we leave him room to touch hearts. Every mission begins with Jesus, is realized and continues with Jesus.

All that we can learn from Jesus and all the means that Jesus offers us are major for a mission worthy of a child of God, of a disciple who is like a sheep sent among today’s wolves. Let’s trust in Jesus and dare to take the path with him for the glory of God and the salvation of the world.

However, if we move away from Jesus, we give a hold to the wolves of this world; drugs, divination, possessions, etc. Moreover, all that we try to regulate, to possess, to manipulate, to destroy by ourselves, are the wolves who watch for us as soon as we leave the enclosure of the one who watches over us.

And even worse, we’ll go and say that it’s Jesus’s fault that he isn’t with us. As soon as this thought arises in us, let’s take it as an important signal. It’s time to turn away from evil and come back to Jesus. Let’s get back quickly and let’s love again. May we let go of all that holds us back and all we want to do without him. Let’s let Jesus defend us. He is the only one who can protect and save us.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Here, where we are, Normand Thomas