Bl. Jacobus de Voragine - "Golden Legend" - 22 November Feast of Saint Cecilia, virgin and martyr.

"Saint Cecilia, the holy virgin, was come of the noble lineage of the Romans, and from the time that she lay in her cradle she was fostered and nourished in the faith of Christ, and always bare in her breast the gospel hid, and never ceased day nor night from holy prayers, but recommended to God always her virginity. Every second and third day she fasted, commending herself unto our Lord whom she dreaded.

The night came that she should go to bed with her husband as the custom is, and when they were both in their chamber alone, she said to him in this manner: “O, my best beloved and sweet husband, I have a counsel to tell thee, if so be that you wilt keep it secret and swear that ye shall betray it to no man.” Valerian said that he would gladly promise and swear never to betray it, and then she said to him: “I have an angel that loves me, which ever keeps my body whether I sleep or wake, and if he may find that ye touch my body by villainy, or foul and polluted love, certainly he shall anon slay you, and so should ye lose the flower of your youth. And if so be that you love me in holy love and cleanness, he shall love thee as he loves me and shall show to thee his grace.”
Then Valerian, corrected by the will of God, having dread, said to her: “If you wish that I believe that you say to me, show to me that angel that you speak of, and if I find veritable that he be the angel of God, I shall do what you say, and if so be that you love another man than me, I shall slay both him and thee with my sword.
Cecilia answered to him: “If you will believe and baptize thee, you shalt well now see him. Go then forth to Via Appia, which is three miles out of this town, and there you shalt find Pope Urban with poor folks, and tell him these words that I have said, and when he hath purged you from sin by baptism, then when ye come again ye shall see the angel.”

And forth went Valerian and found this holy man Urban Iouting among the burials; to whom he reported the words that Cecilia had said, and Saint Urban for joy can hold up his hands and let the tears fall out of his eyes, and said: “O Almighty God Jesu Christ, sower of chaste counsel and keeper of us all, receive the fruit of the seed that you has sown in Cecilia, for, like a busy bee she served thee; for the spouse whom she hath taken which was like a wood lion, she hath sent hither like as a meek lamb.” And with that word appeared suddenly an old man clad in white clothes, holding a book written with letters of gold, whom Valerian seeing, for fear fell down to the ground as he had been dead. Whom the old man raised and took up, and read in this wise. “One God, one faith, one baptism, one God and father of all, above all, and in us all, everywhere.”

And when this old man had read this, he said: “Believe you this or doubt you it? Say yea or nay.”
Then Valerian cried saying: “There is nothing truer under heaven.” Then vanished this old man away. Then Valerian received baptism of Saint Urban and returned home to Saint Cecilia, whom he found within her chamber speaking with an angel. And this angel had two crowns of roses and lilies which he held in his hands, of which he gave one to Cecilia, and that other to Valerian, saying: “Keep ye these crowns with an undefouled and clean body, for I have brought them to you from Paradise, and they shall never fade, nor wither, nor lose their savour, nor they may not be seen but of them to whom chastity pleases. And you Valerian because you has used profitable counsel, demand what you wilt.”

Then Almachius /judge/ was wroth, and commanded her to be led into her house, and there to be burnt in a burning bain, which her seemed a place cold and well attempered. Then Almachius, hearing that, commanded that she should be beheaded in the same bath. Then the tormentor smote at her three strokes, and could not smite off her head, and the fourth stroke he might not by the law smite, and so left her there lying half alive and half dead, and she lived three days after in that manner, and gave all that she had to poor people, and continually preached the faith all that while; and all them that she converted she sent to Urban for to be baptized, and said: “I have asked respite three days, that I might commend to you these souls, and that ye should hallow of mine house a church.” And then at the end of three days she slept in our Lord, and Saint Urban with his deacons buried her body among the bishops, and hallowed her house into a church, in which unto this day is said the service unto our Lord.
She suffered her passion about the year of our Lord two hundred and twenty three, in the time of Alexander the emperor, and it is read in another place that she suffered in the time of Marcus Aurelius, which reigned about the year of our Lord one hundred and seventy."

Stefano Moderno, Saint Cecilia, 1599, church of St. Cecilia, Trastevere, Rome.
In the sculpture, St. Cecilia extends three fingers with her right hand and one with her left, testifying to the Trinity. The sculptor attested that this was how the saint's body looked when her tomb was opened in 1599. She is probably the first incorrupt saint.