Crazy Swiss: Communion Dropped In Letter-Boxes

In Saint Gall diocese, Switzerland, pastoral workers distributed Holy Communion in letterboxes at the beginning of the March 2020 Coronavirus curfew, Stefan Kiesewetter, 30, a Vienna born pastoral worker in Au, Saint Gall, told Kath.ch (February 21).

Through this practice, the pastoral workers wanted to respect a sanitary distancing.

Surprisingly, Saint Gall Markus Büchel who is known for his homosexualist and anti-Catholic stances, ordered the pastoral workers to avoid a mere “Communion delivery service.”

Kiesewetter explains that home communion should be integrated into prayer in order to create “a spiritual and religious atmosphere.”

Picture: © regionalblind, Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsVyafppgjvv

The inevitable development from "in the hand". Now it's 'in the mail". This is what happens when the laity distributes Communion.