😡😡😡😡😡😡 New Phoenix bishop celebrated LGBT Mass featuring homosexual drag queen activist

Bishop John Dolan received a ‘humanitarian award’ at the Mass from national drag queen activist ‘Nicole’ Murray-Ramirez, who has said that he requested the event.

Pope Francis is shaking up the Church in the U.S., and nowhere is that more evident than Phoenix, where he recently appointed a new bishop with disturbing ties to homosexual activists, including a prominent drag queen.

Earlier this month, just days after naming ultra-liberal San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy a cardinal, Francis announced the promotion of McElroy’s auxiliary bishop, John Dolan, to the Diocese of Phoenix.

Dolan, whose installation is scheduled for mid-August, will replace retiring Bishop Thomas Olmsted, a noted conservative who has led the Church in Phoenix for almost 20 years.

Liberal commenters cheered Dolan’s appointment, rightly describing it as a “seismic shift in leadership” and a “significant ideological shift.” Indeed, in stark contrast to Bishop Olmsted, Dolan has a scandalous pro-homosexual background, one nearly as troubling as McElroy’s.

While serving as auxiliary bishop of San Diego, Dolan presided over a pro-LGBT Mass in a largely homosexual neighborhood, allowed a nationally-known drag queen activist, who alleged that he requested the Mass, to speak at the event, and accepted an award from the man on behalf of an international drag queen network.

Dolan had previously pastored the same church, where he allowed another homosexual activist to promote dissident views and target faithful Catholics. Weeks before his appointment to the episcopate, Dolan attended a summit of heterodox group New Ways Ministry, even after parishioners warned him about the organization’s LGBT agenda.

As bishop of Phoenix, Dolan will oversee one of the largest and fastest-growing dioceses in America and a long list of Catholic institutions, including 94 parishes, 23 missions, more than two dozen elementary schools, several high schools, three universities, and a seminary, according to the Associated Press. The faithful in Arizona should brace themselves.

Dolan’s blasphemous LGBT Mass
Like many of Pope Francis’ high-profile U.S. appointments, Bishop Dolan’s problematic record on LGBT issues is extensive and involves incorporating pro-LGBT activism into the Holy Mass.

In October 2017, four months after his consecration as auxiliary bishop of San Diego, Dolan celebrated a Mass for “families of the LGBT community” at St. John the Evangelist Church in Hillcrest, a predominantly homosexual San Diego neighborhood.

The LGBT-themed Mass commemorated the 20-year anniversary of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) controversial letter on homosexuality titled “Always Our Children,” which, among other things, described “experimenting” with homosexual behavior as a “process of coming to terms with sexual identity.” The Vatican censured the document within months of its release.

Dolan’s Mass featured several pro-LGBT San Diego dignitaries, including then-Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who co-chaired a group of mayors in support of “marriage equality,” and California state lawmaker and current San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, an open homosexual.

Also in attendance was San Diego City Commissioner “Nicole” Murray Ramirez, a drag queen and national homosexual activist who served as a board member of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest LGBT lobby group in the U.S. and a driving force behind the legalization of same-sex “marriage.”

Mr. Murray-Ramirez was known for mocking the Catholic Church by dressing like a nun while calling bingo at a local homosexual club, LifeSite reported. In 2011, he pressured San Diego Bishop Robert Blom to grant a Catholic funeral to the owner of an LGBT nightclub.

Despite his background, Murray-Ramirez was allowed to speak at the lectern of St. John the Evangelist Church after Holy Communion. He said that his “prayers were answered by these two bishops [McElroy and Dolan]” who had “spoken out for equality and civil rights.”

At the conclusion of the Mass, the cross-dressing activist presented McElroy and Dolan with a “humanitarian award” named for pro-homosexual San Francisco Mayor George Moscone on behalf of an international drag queen organization called the “Imperial Court System.” McElroy, a San Francisco native, remarked that he knew Moscone personally.

Murray-Ramirez has also suggested that the two San Diego bishops celebrated the LGBT Mass at his request.

Murray-Ramirez is co-chair of the Harvey Milk Foundation.

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