Francis’ Zero-Mercy Policy Turns into Death-Penalty-Justice

Argentinean Father Eduardo Lorenzo, 59, who was accused of homosexual abuses of adolescents, committed suicide on December 16.

Earlier that day, a judge had ordered his arrest but the decision was postponed by an appeal.

Police arrived at the La Plata Caritas headquarters at 22:00 where Lorenzo was lying dead on the floor of his room, with a gun at his side.

A chaplain in the Penitentiary Service of Buenos Aires, Lorenzo had been accused by five men of incidents that allegedly happened decades ago.

A recent psychological expertise attested Lorenzo with a "perverse psychopathic structure of the personality”, “characteristics of manipulation,” “high self-centredness and egocentrism,” “little self-criticism” and “self-observation impregnated with narcissistic features". However, such features are often encountered, especially among the higher clergy.

The first complaint against Lorenzo was levelled in 2008 but the prosecution didn’t find enough elements to continue the case.


Please also say a prayer for this deacon.Tragically died in a car accident two weeks after he became a deacon. His name is Douglas Ribeiro, was 27 years old.