Jean Vanier Sex Scandal: Relations With 25 Women

The extent of sexual abuse by Jean Vanier (+2019), a Canadian-born charismatic layman who founded the more or less Christian community L'Arche, is allegedly greater than previously thought, suggests a study presented on 30th January in Paris by the CommissiondEtude-JeanVanier.org.

Between 1952 and his death in 2019, Vanier had sexual relations with at least 25 healthy adult women. L'Arche is an organisation that welcomes people with disabilities. A first investigation (2020) spoke of six cases.

The study admits that only some women presented themselves as victims of an abusive relationship, others as "willing partners". The relatioships were "part of a continuum of confusion, control and abuse".

Vanier worked with Father Thomas Philippe OP (+1993) and followed his mystical-sexual teachings. In 2015, he received the Templeton Prize for services to humanity, and at the end of 2016, he was decorated by the French Legion of Honour.

Many people who joined L'Arche say they knew nothing about the sex circle around Philippe and Vanier. Today, L'Arche operates 150 houses in 38 countries.

Picture: Jean Vanier © wikicommons CC BY-SA, #newsMblafvpxrb
He was very kind and extraordinarily loving towards the mentally handicapped. His was a special gift of God. I think of David, and how he also had feet of clay, but a beautiful, especially loved gift of God to the world. Oh, yes, how we need to work at being worthy of our King and Lord.
la verdad prevalece
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Another Vatican II inspired community bites the dust!! HOORAY!!!!
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