Confessor of Cardinal Bergoglio Who Gave Him His Blood Died

Monsignor José Bonet Alcón, +89, the current president of the National Ecclesiastical Tribunal of the Argentinean Episcopal Conference, died in Buenos Aires on August 24.

Bonet graduated at the age of 23 from Valencia University, Spain, with a law degree and then went to Buenos Aires on a scholarship. After a year he felt the call to become a priest and remained in Argentina.

He was a fellow seminarian of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, only months before Bergoglio joined the Jesuits. When the young Bergoglio underwent lung surgery, Bonet and another seminarian, José Barbich, donated blood to him.

Bonet was the confessor of Bergoglio when he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Vicente María Izquierdo Alcón, one of the 233 Valencian martyrs who were beatified in 2001, was Bonet’s uncle, who saved the image of Our Lady of the Forsaken, the patron saint of Valencia, when the Communist assaulted and burned down her basilica.


blood poisoning?
Pray for him, even if in hell, let them scream in torture forever...