Archbishop Chaput Corrects Cardinal Marx, “Cooperation With Mortal Sin”

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput who in better times would have been named a cardinal, reprimanded the controversial Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx for supporting the blessing of gravely sinful gay pseudo-marriages.

Writing on (February 6), Chaput does not name Marx but “senior voices in the leadership of the Church in Germany”.

He explains that any blessing of gay unions cooperates in a "morally forbidden act" concluding that “there is no truth, no real mercy, and no authentic compassion, in blessing a course of action that leads persons away from God.”

Picture: Charles Chaput, ©, CC BY-SA, #newsRxnxtqodxe
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We need a Pope that stands up to these heretic cardinals and bishops
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Instead of reverbarates as an empty barrel Archbishop Charles Chaput should watch this video about a conference of Fr. Mike Schmitz
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