Viganò: The Church Submits to the Dictates of the World

The Holy See is being assaulted by “enemy forces,” and the bishops keep silent, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò told Francesco Boezi (, October 1).

He observes that some bishops support the New World Order, and align themselves with the positions of Francis and Cardinal Parolin. Viganò reminds that Parolin frequents the Bilderberg Club and "has slavishly submitted to its diktats, like so many politicians as well as the mainstream media.“

The American and European bishops are split because of "progressive and modernist indoctrination" which have entered the Church since the 1960’s [Vatican II] especially through the "Catholic" universities, Viganò explains.

According to him, these ideologies have created a support for 1968 "which began with the Second Vatican Council.”

Unfortunately, since Francis’ election this "radical and unfortunate choice” took a great leap by “preferring to follow the mainstream thought of environmentalism, immigrationism, and the LGBT ideology, rather than courageously standing up against them and faithfully proclaiming the salvific Truth,” Viganò stresses.


He's a illuminati.
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The Church has been doing that since at least Vatican Council II. But hey, let's all pretend this is a new thing for The Church, yeah?