Normand Thomas

97. Ask for help

We have probably experienced this feeling where nothing seems possible for us. We are tired, exhausted. We lack energy. And suddenly, we have a “flash of genius” to turn to Jesus and ask for his help.

And what a surprise we had when we felt something deep happen in us. From that moment, our life was awakened and it was transformed delicately, joyfully, from within.

We had felt Jesus’s presence. All was unclear, but we knew, from a certain intelligence and wisdom, that something gloriously had happened, something luminous in us.

It’s like the intense joy of a moment that overwhelms us and that we fully live. Our life makes sense with Jesus. We want to remain in this state. We want to celebrate and pray this new momentum of life.

Let’s ask God, again, to come and touch what needs to be healed in our life.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Let’s be Loved, Normand Thomas