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The Satanic plan is under way... please fasten your seat belts !!!

Our states are all nowadays under the yoke of satanic peoples who are planning out a world revolution in the same way that has been organized the French revolution in 1789 during many decades before. Everything has worked in a nearly idealistic way given the apostasy among the Catholic believers through the bad council of Vatican 2 that prevented the conversion of many peoples immigrating in the former official Catholic countries, attempting to ruin the Catholic Church up to Her basement.

When Jesus Christ asked in 1689 the consecration of France to His Sacred Heart to the French King Louis XIV through Saint Marguerite-Marie Alacoque, it wasn't done and as a matter of fact 100 years after the Monarchy was terminated and the priests that didn't push enough for this were persecuted.

As a last recourse, Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in 1917 at Fatima in Portugal and asked the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. The 100 years have passed and God shows us a bit of His Mercy by not punishing us as soon as He did with the French Revolution for France but it will not take long so that the World revolution really starts and the Catholics be persecuted for their lack of motivation to what she asked for, namely the Devotion of the 1st Saturday of the months during 5 months. It's too late now anyway and highly likely can just be mitigated a bit for the individuals given the number of sins in the world that is increasing too fast.

They did like during the 2nd World War when they sent all the available men of the army overseas (for instance in Mali) so that they could not intervene on the national ground and made integrated all the French services by faithfuls from Islam, undermining the country with the debt to make it less efficient, raised the taxes so that the peoples choose to ask social benefits to the state instead of working and training themselves to an edge in their field...

It makes around one hundred years that peoples are used to demonstrate, trained for this through their syndicate and the media with the support of the state through the authorization they must ask or the teachers' speeches during their education introducing this as a continuity of the democratic process. They don't figure out that they are like beggars by doing so ; while they prove the instability of the democratic regime and its incoherence. All of this has been in a such way that in case of conflict such as a civil war as predicted by Our Lady of La Salette in France in 1846, the country should be sinking as a house full of termites.

In case of civil war, each family will be divided according to its political range, and as most peoples no more think to God not worrying about what's going on in the Catholic church with the Pope Francis or Benedict XVI, most will be abandoned to the scare according to the tenet of Machiavel that claim that to govern by the scare is the good way to do, opposing totally Saint Thomas of Aquinas and his Treaty of the Education for the Princes that defines the crash of such doctrines.

What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in the ear, proclaim on the housetops. Don't be afraid of those who kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul. Rather, fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in Gehenna. "Aren't two sparrows sold for an assarion coin? Not one of them falls on the ground apart from your Father's will, (Matthew 10:27-29)

They're then only left to encourage the chaos in the streets as part of their plan to submit France and all the Western countries to the Communist countries so that it can fall in their mouth as a ripe fruit. The communist countries will begin to act at the precise moment when the country will be enough weakened and before to be subjugated to the Islamists. This is why the words of Emmanuel Macron about Nato are important, because as he signaled that "Nato is dead" (and he was reproached for this mistake to tell it publicly for those that don't understand the meaning) and as in the past peoples remembered that Nato was an alliance set up in order to fight against Communist countries, then Emmanuel Macron as the French president is confessing purely and simply that the Western countries are ripe to be taken over by the Communist as soon as they want...

But if these last ones are making themselves be awaited, it's because the useful idiots, as Lenin called already in his time the Yellow Vests and all the supporters of the anarchy and others Bourgeois, are still preparing the works for them. If the peoples are living in capitalist economies, these ones are nowadays communists through their social schemes that have been amplified to a point that they rely on the states instead of their own work. The capital is still going in its own direction through the pockets of a few after having subjugated the workers, but this latter don't realize that they're deprived of their tool of work and put under servitude.

It must also be made clear that the Communist countries such as China have become Capitalists too so that to allow to fill the pockets of the so-called Capitalist countries' owners and that themselves have already destroyed their own country through air and river pollution, the one-child policy, the abandonment to the liberalism in the same way than the West, the high cost of education like in the US, etc. These peoples are being set up against the West while they're not enemy of the West but their resentment is being totally fabricated with the trade-war now. Peoples have been warned through the famous sentence of the Chinese leader when he spoke about a cat, saying that it doesn't matter if it is black or white so long as it catches mice. Black or white meaning "capitalist" or "communist" in order to achieve the goal of a Communist world through "democracy" (a term that is very present in communist country), "liberalism", or so-called "progress". None or only a few could understand the meaning at this time and there is no room anyway for rebalancing the world given that everything is now in the hands of the bankers that can decide at any time to annihilate most of the world population so that to reset the debts as each time it goes too far through a World War.

If the peoples are living in capitalist economies, these ones are nowadays communists through their social schemes that have been amplified to a point that they rely on the states instead of their own work. The capital is still going its own direction through the pockets of a few after having subjugated the workers, but this latter don't realize that they're deprived of their tool of work and put under servitude.

In the same way, the owners of the biggest companies that don't pay taxes in the US, in France, in China like McDonald, Google and the highways booths are enriching themselves at a rhythm that is still increasing. Our countries will be soon deprived of their own social services like the hospitals, the justice, the police that could be become private in the same way that they sent mercenaries and private forces like Blackwater in the Middle East. More and more police work are already made by private companies in France and it seems like it's just the beginning.

Also, if the Communist countries are still waiting before to intervene, it's likely because the useful idiots that are the Islamists (that stayed calms during the 20th century so that the Ottoman Empire could be dismantled and until the immigration process in the former Catholic countries be achieved) are still themselves waiting that the Yellow Vests and all other stupids right claimers have enough led the troubles so that they can impress everyone by getting out of the bushes and the basement with the weapons they piled on for decades in the French mosques. Like Erdogan told so, mosques are their caserns. The goal is anyway the continuity of what happened in 1793 and it's not rare to see even proponents of the movement to be some ideological History-Geography teachers that have yet already the hand on a huge number of brains for decades so that they would not lack of "useful idiots" to send to the front war.

Russians want to dominate the world as we know by Mgr Gaume in his small book on the Tsar Peter the 1st. This latter went in France to meet the King Louis XIV at Versailles but was denied to meet him. He went back later to meet King Louis XV while this one was a child and was very impressed that the successor showed him a map of Russia more beautiful than he had of his own country. Then, he went back in Russia and decided to change his land completely and to destine it to a global hegemony. It's not by chance or mere coincidence that Emmanuel Macron as the French president invited Vladimir Putin at the Palace of Versailles for their 1st meeting in the same way that the Western leaders are giving themselves up to the Communist powers, along with the keys of our countries.

One that don't understand can still read about how the USA have set up and helped their own enemy by Anthony C. Sutton here on Gloria.
Russia will chastise the world according to Our Lady of Fatima and many countries should be under his rule. It's not only Finland that is in jeopardy and we have prophecies about Russia putting the communist flag on the Dome of Saint Peter at the Vatican.

Chinese wish also to succeed in this same way, as the apparition of Lipa in Philippines, recognized in a very wonderful way in 2015 and despite the opposition of the Pope Francis or some of his protégés - tells us. China holds already a huge number of country through the debt, in Africa and in Latin America, but also of course in Asia and in Europe. A excessive numerous of Western companies have also outsourced their production so that to not be bothered by the annihilation of the West and not to lose their main activity. Over there, they don't have the same freedom than in France or in the West and then can not do what the peoples of the West didn't do for them, namely to get the same social rights that they inherited from the Catholic faith (free education in France and most European countries thanks to Saint John-Baptist de la Salle, free healthcare thanks to King Louis IX also known Saint Louis but also by some others "lords" as they were called like the ones that founded the Hospices of Beaunes, social benefits thanks to the Popes Leo XIII and Pius XI through their major encyclical "Rerum Novarum" and "Quadragesimo Anno", etc etc). Conversely, France has like most Western countries imitate the Cultural revolution that was implemented in 1966 in China by their leader and that destroyed their country so that these peoples were more docile to work for Western countries, being in such a way demoralized. It has spread from France in May 68 to nearly all the Western country like a cancer, while there was no need of a shot for implementing the Sexual revolution in the communist countries...

Muslims also believe they will dominate the world, moreover because some among them from every country where they are now living have been capable to go to train in the Islamic State. They're invited in our countries to benefit of rights that Islam could never give to them and won't ever. Nevertheless, we certainly have to take it as a gesture of gratitude from them, similarly to our own towards the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ that we failed to honor and to desire that It would rule over us for the last century and now on. It's like we didn't desire to thank Him for everything that He gave us, preferring the worldly things we saw and not the supreme Good that God is.

Jews also think and long for what they perceive as soon their coming reign on earth through the one they want to call their "Machia'h". It makes more than 2 000 years that they're suffering in awful lengths of sorrows for some to the point to imagine that the French stole their position and that French are satanic peoples through their bread that would look like a snake... (some would have rather imagined that would seem a scepter, but are we allowed in this time of global apostasy through the fake oecumenism to no more agree on what ever Jews tell us ? While one is free to be opposed to the French, one is not entitled to agree anyway with Jews about the Catholic doctrine in order to change it)

So, 300 years ago, the King of France Louis XIV could have consecrated his own country to Our Lord Jesus Christ but didn't do so and then the Monarchy was crushed as well as many priests. His descendant King Louis XVI wanted to do so only when he was in jail and no more king... It was no more possible then. Now we're 2 years after the limit of the 100 years and still in the Mercy of God given that we didn't have asked the consecration of Russia as we should have strived for, in the same way than 10% of Austrian prayed the Rosary for a while and got Soviet Union out of their country... But there is no devotion to the Immaculate Heart that is practiced and one can ask oneself if there is only the Catholics that are weak to do so to the point that Russian, Chinese, Muslims and Jews are now all wanting to rule the world in their own way as we were warned. Is that possible that only Catholics don't want to the reign of the Sacred Heart in their OWN countries and afraid to ask the consecration of Russia ???

Given that it wasn't done when the Vatican was not occupied by Masons at the highest ranks, it was made more difficult after when the enemies of the Catholic Church succeeded to get the bad council of Vatican 2 implemented and cheating on million and even more than a billion Catholics... The death of spiritual souls hurt Our Lady of La Salette as she appeared and told us so in her message in France in 1846, warning about the civil wars that will erupt in England, France, Italy, Spain...

All these people share the idea to believe a same fake god that is Satan and should then wage a war (to our detriment, if one needs to precise it) that will be terrible. Father Kramer in his book "Mystery of Iniquity" predicted a very fast war through nuclear bombs that will turn the tables all of a sudden. It's similar to the miracle of the sun that Blessed Virgin Mary made in 1917 at Fatima showing like a nuclear bomb the sun falling on the crows of the 70 000 peoples that were there. It'll be without the least doubt far worse than what we think because the organizers of the French Revolution forecasted too before this latter to happen to kill everyone if they needed so that they would rule the country in a way or another. The population reduction was an imperative anyway, even though there was no resistance.

It's as well terrible to imagine the number of souls of consecrated peoples that should go to God and that are loosing themselves due to the prodigies of the cinema, newspapers, books, pornography, music, advertisements, and our peers that we look sometimes maybe too much given how they dress themselves... Because we don't mortify ourselves enough or don't pray for others, we don't help them as we could to be no more subjugated to the power of Satan. Most peoples seem to believe that they would perceive the traps of Satan if there was any, but there are plenty and given that they are not praying the Rosary daily they don't even perceive that they're slave to the sins and find for instance completely normal to watch pornography or to buy luxury products despite they could give alms to redeem some of their sins instead and that the two witness, Elijah and Henoch, will come back dressed in bags. So where all these luxury products will end up ? Given it's belonging to this world, it will stay there and not last. There is only one remedy and that's to pray more Rosaries if we're under the bad and vicious habits to which everyone are prone to in order to ask God to freed us from it. By ourselves, we cannot and God allows that we stay under the yoke of the sin in order that we humiliate ourselves more. Otherwise, we can't be saved. One must not forget that, as Saint Jerome said, chastity is a supernatural virtue.

From all this war will come out the Antechrist that will claim he will put it to an end and pretend he's god. It's for very soon given that we already see that many companies are owning a huge number of brands* that are everywhere present in the world while we don't even know the shareholders of these companies, nor the peoples to whom our countries are indebted. They defined among themselves their own market shares so that not to be in competition against each other and to suppress anyone that would not want to align to their own policies as a rival. No one could buy or sell without their agreement as soon as they will decide it given that it's already compulsory in many acts to show up our identity card in order that they control everything we can do. We should then very easily tilt towards a totalitarianism very soon due to the facial recognition when they decide the end of the cash. It won't be hard to make evolve the constraint through the new technologies like nowadays they incite peoples to neuter themselves through a new pill that they can inject inside their bodies. And it's not the "useful idiots" of the revolution that are lacking among the population or in the freemasonry in order to encourage the development of this on the discussion forum. "Divide and rule" has maybe never been so relevant.

*under veiled appearances.

Glico is operating in many countries but hiding the fact that it's owned by Lu in a lot of countries and like it would be a national operator. In fact, Lu is owned itself by Mondelez group...…/chinas-new-road…
Which means that China is also owned by some companies through the debt while the country is used as a smokescreen for the conquer of the world through a debt-strap scheme in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, etc.
Thank you for the translation.!
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