This Year We Will Not Only Fast We will Starve - Critical Moment

If you value’s Catholic information, videos and entertainment please consider donating to support our efforts in this lent. We don't ask for your patrimony. You need it for yourself. The scraps that fall from your table would be plenty for us.

There are serious doubts that will make it to the end of this year. is underfunded since its beginnings although everybody works for free. What is about to kill us: In 2018 we experienced a substantial decline in donations of more than $ 20'000 compared to the previous years.

We believe that must be preserved and that it must continue, especially in the current difficult situation of the Church. We do not need just "news" or anti-Church propaganda. We need Catholic news.

Please, in your kindness, help us to survive. Lent is a time of almsgiving. Help us in our great worry. Why not do it today?

You can donate (in Euro) with:

- a Credit Card or Paypal transfer via kindful
- a bank transfer to the European bank account:
IBAN AT67 6000 0102 1003 6488

God bless, and may God reward your generosity and goodness!

"Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible." -Frank Herbert. should be wary of those who are clearly eager to wield it here.
I offer my services to be a moderator for Gloria tv, for free. You don't need an experienced person to be a moderator but I do happen to have experience in the field.
Eva is backed by a strong team. It is basically run by three people. But there are more than 20 contributors, moderators, helpers,... who keep it running besides their jobs in their spare time. There is no other similar low budget project in the internet.