Masses return in England on July 4

Churches and places of worship can reopen in England for Masses and services including weddings with a maximum of 30 people, from 4th July.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said speaking at the House of Commons on Tuesday:

“I know many have mourned the closure of places of worship, and this year Easter, Passover and Eid all occurred during the lockdown. So I’m delighted that places of worship will be able to reopen for prayer and services, including weddings with a maximum of 30 people, all subject to social distancing.”
The English bishops' guidelines for funerals are illogical. Funeral service permitted, but not if it’s Mass.
Ridiculous to limit to 30 people. How can it sensibly be the same for an enormous cathedral as a small chapel. Our idiot government (and hierarchy!) continue to astound with their controlfreakery.
Our Lady of Sorrows
Masks are dangerous to your health see Dr Vernon Coleman