Needs Your Help - An Urgent Appeal

All-Girls Catholic School - and Mickey Mouse - Refuses to Die

The Board of directors strongly disagrees with Philadelphia Archbishop Nelson Perez’ decision to close John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls High School (, December 1).

Perez succeded in January 2020 Archbishop Charles Chaput who was a Catholic and, therefore, never became a Cardinal.

Hallahan is the first all-girls Catholic diocesan school in the U.S. It will soon enter its 120th year. Its enrollment is stabilized, there is potential for an increase, and it has the financial resources to cover the small deficit.

The Board believes that the sustainability study conducted by the Archdiocese is inaccurate and criticises that requests for a copy of the study have gone unanswered.

In the mid-1930s, Hallahan was granted permission to have Mickey Mouse as a mascot.
Soo... the school's trustees immediately start a private "secular" institution called the "John W. Hallahan Girls High School" and throw Archbishop Perez the finger. He gets a one-time profit from the land sale like he wants but the school continues for another 120 years.