New Rift Between Moscow and Constantinople

The Russian Orthodox Church Holy Synod has decided on September 12 to suspend mentioning Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople during their liturgy.

Also suspended will be the con-celebration with hierarchs of the Patriarch of Constantinople and participation in all the structures chaired or co-chaired by representatives of Constantinople.

According to the Russian Metropolitan Hilarion the reasons for this decision is that the Patriarchate of Constantinople unlawfully invaded the canonical territory of the Moscow Patriarchate by appointing two exarchs to Kiev, Ukraine. The Russian Church constitutes half of the orthodox population in the world.

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Perhaps the schismatics can be drawn into unity, but consider the owed old men ensconced in the Vatican. Who wants him leading them?
Joseph a' Christian
This is going to konfuse many, as these heretic corpses kick each other out of their false churches. The world is absurd, insane.
Only Jesus Is True Peace, Life.