Priest Takes Google Glass to Mass (Video)

St. David's Episcopal Church Southfield, Michigan

I’ve been granted the privilege of spending $1,500 for a pair of prototype computer glasses that could conceivably be available at Best Buy next month for $300. However, as my much wiser friend Fr. Gunn often says, you gotta pay to learn. Here’s a video I made Sunday to give you an idea of what I’m learning and doing with ‘em – I must say I’m really thankful to my parish community for trusting me to do this:

So far, Glass has turned out to be a really cool experience. I won’t bore you with a rundown of what this gizmo does, this guy does a much better job, but I will say that the ‘Directions’ app is superior to anything I’ve ever seen or used. The bluetooth phone, mic and headphones are only tolerable when you’re someplace really quiet, like a church (which works fine for me). And I’m having recurring problems getting my phone and Glass to stay in sync. But the ability to respond to emails and texts really quickly is growing on me (Glass actually reads me these). Plus, I’ve always hated texting/typing on tiny smart phone keypads, and the voice recognition software here means lots less typing.
Now is this an abuse or is it just showing what it is like to be a Priest? I guess this kind of video is o.k, but you have to wonder who is going to put what on the Google glasses and nobody would know what they are really looking at while saying the Mass. The possibility for abuse is very very strong knowing how powerfully disorienting computers can be to the human mind.