People of America! This kind of spirit cannot be cast out except by prayer and fasting! (Mt 17)

What is now the situation in America? After the election fraud, the Deep State is almost taking over the government, preparing an economic collapse and a gradual genocide through vaccination.

Dear US Christian, it also depends on you whether God will work a miracle and save America! Jesus’ word is still valid today: “Ask, and you will receive!” What to ask for? For salvation from genocidal vaccination and the lake of fire. Jesus said of a certain kind (Gr. genos) of demons that “[it] cannot be cast out except by prayer and fasting” (Mt 17:21).

Before praying, realize who you are and who God is. God is eternal and almighty. The world, the universe, humanity, me and you, all have a beginning from God. He created both the visible and invisible – spiritual – world. If we compare our Earth with the almost infinite number of huge stars in the universe, we see that it is just like a poppy seed. And who are you? You are not the Creator, but a creature. God is your true Father. He created you in His image, gave you reason, free will and an immortal soul. Your body will fall apart into dust, but your spiritual essence will pass through physical death to eternity. God has revealed in His word that eternity will be happy for those who have received the Son of God and remained faithful to Him in trials. They will receive the crown of eternal glory. But those who have rejected the Savior and believed in the spirit of lies and death will be with this spirit in torment forever.

In these first days of the year, but also the following ones, it is necessary to stand in prayer against the spirit of death and the genocidal system. The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate has encouraged you, dear Americans, to join prayer watches which ensure continual prayer. You can read the details in the previous letters (, The situation in America is reaching a climax. If you are not yet involved in prayer watches, do not wait for someone to sign you up for a specific prayer watch. You yourself make a promise to God today to devote one specific hour daily to prayer that suits you best. Start fulfilling this promise right now. The prayer watches are held every fourth week but now, at a time of spiritual mobilization, pray your prayer watch daily throughout this month.

How to pray your one-hour prayer watch?

The most important thing is to start! Pray as you can. Confess your sins before yourself and before God, and then give Him your specific problems and worries. Pray for America and its salvation in your own words too. It is good to have a Bible and a notepad when praying. He who prays in tongues, let him also pray with his mind, as the Apostle Paul says (1Cor 14:15). He who lifts up his hands to God, let him lift up his heart as well. He who lies prostrate in prayer, let him outstretch his arms in the shape of the cross and be aware that we were immersed through baptism in union with Christ (Rom 6:4). Our old self was crucified with Him, and Christ lives in me (Gal 2:20). Together with Jesus, who is in me, I slowly utter the first word from the cross, which was connected with a prayer for forgiveness– “Abba” (Father), breathing in when saying “A” and breathing out when saying “ba”. Jesus’ last word, when He committed His spirit, again was “Abba” (Father).

In interior prayer, it is important to strive to abide in God’s word and in God’s presence. The Holy Spirit intercedes for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words (Rom 8:26).

Another form of prayer based on the principle of “agere contra” (do the opposite, in short, “but”) is also very effective in prayer struggle. You realize how strong the system of lies and evil is in specific cases. At the same time, you see that truth and good seem to be powerless. You feel totally helpless and both mentally and physically paralyzed. And it is here that the principle of agere contra must be applied – you need to resist faintheartedness and to begin confessing: “This is an unsolvable situation, but You, O Lord, are almighty God in this problem as well!” The Mother of Jesus is an example of true faith for us to follow. She believed that nothing was impossible with God and that the Holy Spirit would make the impossible possible (cf. Lk 1). You see the impossibility of a human solution, but you believe that God can change it! This forces you to raise your hands and shout inwardly, perhaps without words, only by an intense breath out of your heart and soul: “Now, I believe in You, O Lord, and do not doubt!” If there are favorable conditions, the intensity of faith can be expressed by a loud cry or groaning.

As for fasting, it was practiced by entire Christian generations before us. Let everyone observe a fast that is bearable for him.

Dear Americans, each of you has a great responsibility. The spiritual struggle for the being or not being of America is culminating these days and hours. It concerns mainly the period of January 6-20, 2021. Start praying today!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

January 8, 2021

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP) is a community of monks, priests and bishops living in monasteries. The BCP is headed by Patriarch Elijah with two Secretary Bishops, +Timothy and +Methodius. The BCP arose from the need to defend the fundamental Christian truths against heresies and apostasy. It does not recognize pseudo Pope Bergoglio and is not subordinate to him.

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