Persecution of Catholics practicing the Catholic Faith

The Devil is the Father of Lies

04 Thursday Aug 2022 The oily, smarmy technospeak of the Cupich’s spokesman in responding to press inquiries about his crushing of the Mass and the ICRSP in Chicago …
Bruceph Mildur
Easy does it, spinmeister dude! Make sure you're barrel is straight before you mark your target... You've got some errors in your background assumptions and/or statements.
The Pope is Infallible. The Church is Indefectible. If the acting Pope is a heretic and encouraging immorality, and the Church is compromised and moving souls away from God, then the "Pope" is a fraud and the Church is not the Catholic Church.
@spinmeister That is not the only scenario available. The Church is Catholic. The Church is not compromised.
The Church is three.
Long Live Christ The King.
St. Athanasius Creed goes here.
But You Oh Lord how long?