Vatican Dissolves Another Cassock Community

Cardinal Aviz' Congregation for Religious dissolved the Discepoli dell’Annunciazione (Disciples of the Annunciation) last December.

The group, charismatic neoconservatives in cassocks, unconditionally devoted to Francis, was founded ten years ago by Father Giglio Gilioli, 73, and recognised as a "public association of the faithful” in Prato, Italy.

After a Diocesan Visitation in 2013, the group suffered an 2018 Apostolic Visitation which broke their neck.

The reasons for the dissolution were “deficiencies in the exercise of authority”, “distrust and detachment towards diocesan authority,” and the “style of government of the founder.”

Only after the dissolution, the founder and eight members were accused of sexual abuses against two boys. Police searched their houses in recent days.

According to sources talking to, the accusations originate from a family that received much help from the Discepoli but turned against them when they weren't able anymore to continue supporting them.

Massa-Carrara Bishop Giovanni Santucci has declared that Father Gilioli was "put on the cross."

The Discepoli ran a very active Italian channel on However, in November 2017, Father Gilioli, an emotional preacher, distanced himself in a video from's critical attitude toward the present Vatican regime, emphatically professing his loyalty to Francis.


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They were in an eminently vulnerable position, being only of that diocese, and in Italy.
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Catholics worldwide are being requested to ask God to remove immediately the now excommunicated priest Fr.Jorge Bergolio SJ from every ecclesiastical office.