Francis “Stubbornly Stuck" to His Ideology

Even on Pentecost Sunday, Francis insulted the believers,

“Is my way of practising the Faith stubbornly stuck to doctrines, to the letter, which are only expressions that are sometimes cold.”

Francis himself is a blind follower of the misguided doctrines of the day, such as homosexualism, climate and Covid ideology.

He said of himself: “Am I quick to judge, do I point fingers, slam doors in the face of others, consider myself a victim of everyone and everything?”

Angry Francis doesn’t want to “waste time criticising others and getting angry with each another.” However, he keeps falling back into his old habits time and again.


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Miracles & Mystical Events Regarding the Book of Truth – Father of Love and Mercy (wordpress.com)
Miracles & Mystical Events Regarding the Book of Truth

May 25, 2016fatherofloveandmercy
Mission team member writes, “The very first Maria Divine Mercy related miracle I heard of came from a Melbourne lady, Penny. She is a very substantial, devout and prayerful lady. She is married to a medical doctor …More
Miracles & Mystical Events Regarding the Book of Truth – Father of Love and Mercy (wordpress.com)

Miracles & Mystical Events Regarding the Book of Truth

May 25, 2016fatherofloveandmercy

Mission team member writes, “The very first Maria Divine Mercy related miracle I heard of came from a Melbourne lady, Penny. She is a very substantial, devout and prayerful lady. She is married to a medical doctor and together they have traveled to many third world countries where her husband has been providing his medical expertise to help the poor in those countries. She came forward at those talks informing us of the signs, miracles and mystical experiences that had happened to them.

Following the Australian mission was the USA Book of Truth Mission, in which more people came forward with their extraordinary and wonderful stories of Divine Intervention.
The various missions that followed, have continued to result in accounts of these interventions, providing confirmation from God that indeed the messages He is giving to the world through Maria Divine Mercy are authentically from Heaven.

Testimonies to Emerge from the Australian Mission

Melbourne, Australia

Mission team member writes, “The very first Maria Divine Mercy related miracle I heard of came from a Melbourne lady, Penny. She is a very substantial, devout and prayerful lady. She is married to a medical doctor and together they have traveled to many third world countries where her husband has been providing his medical expertise to help the poor in those countries.
Penny had a friend from Perth WA staying with her for a few days. On a given day she gave her friend a copy of ‘The Seal of the Living God’ which had been blessed by a Catholic priest. As her friend was in the process of taking the ‘Seal’ to her bedroom, to put in her suitcase, to take it back to Perth, she was passing through the lounge room. On a ledge above the window of the lounge room sat a ‘replica crossbow’ which Penny’s son had bought in Assisi, Italy, 11 years prior. It had been sitting in the same position for years and had not moved. As the Perth lady was crossing the room the replica crossbow came flying off the ledge from a height of 2 meters, moving a distance of three and a half meters across the room and landed clunk in front of her feet. She immediately internally had the words come, ‘The weapons of the evil one will not prosper against you’. This was obviously an extraordinary event, through which Lord was miraculously confirming the powerful protection provided by the ‘Seal of the Living God’, Crusade Prayer 33, along with being a confirmation of the authenticity of His messages coming to us through Maria Divine Mercy.”

Melbourne, Australia
At the very first public venue of the Australian Mission, which in fact was the first public venue of all the ‘Book of Truth’ Missions, something extraordinary happened. As the Mission Team Speaker commenced the meeting with the St Michael the Archangel prayer, a young lady, who is a mother of four young children, suddenly had a vision of St Michael the Archangel. It was a large two dimensional vision, with St Michael floor to ceiling in size.
He had a spear in his hand and was thrusting it into the devil below him. The vision remained for the full length of the time the St Michael prayer was being prayed. During the vision it changed from two dimensional to three.
This powerful event, which happened at the very first public venue, of the very first ‘Book of Truth Mission’, seems so strongly symbolic of this mission from God given to Maria Divine Mercy, His last prophet, being His final blow to the devil, before he is thrown back to hell.
The lady was very spiritually and emotionally uplifted as a result of this experience. Her mother related that she was ‘floating for two months’ after the event.
More of St Michael
At the very first public venue of the US Mission, held in San Francisco, the organisers placed some statues on the stage. One of them was of St Michael the Archangel spearing the devil.
By sheer coincidence (or God-incidence) the very first venue on the Canadian Mission was held on the Feast of St Michael the Archangel, along with St Gabriel & St Raphael.
In Austria a person brought to the venue a statue of St Michael spearing the devil. Early in the evening a person present saw a vision of St Michael emerge from the statue, floor to ceiling in size, standing over and spearing the devil. However, this time the venue was a large hall with very high ceiling, so that St Michael was much larger this time, than at the venue in Australia.

Gold Coast, Australia
A gentleman, Bernhard, came forward after we completed the presentation at the Gold Coast venue, in state of Queensland.
He said that in late November of 2012, which was 2 months prior to our meeting and speaking with him, he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. On January 15, 2013, Maria Divine Mercy was given Crusade Prayer 94 (To Cure The Mind Body And Soul). He started to regularly pray this prayer with the hope of a healing. Bernhard said on one particular day, he prayed Crusade Prayer 94, three times.
He was drawn to say it more slowly and more deeply each time, until when he prayed it the third time, it was extremely slowly and deeply that he said the words of that prayer. He then felt something happening inside. Two weeks later he went to his doctor who declared he was free of cancer. This is a first class miracle as there are medical records documenting his medical condition both before and after the miracle. Bernhard remains in perfect health to this very day, which is now three years after the healing took place.

Bernhard writes: During the 2013 ‘Book of Truth Mission’ to Australia to learn more about the ‘WARNING SECOND COMING’ messages, my wife and I attended the seminar on the Gold Coast, where we live. It was there that I had the opportunity to share my testimony with the people present. This is my story for the praise and glory of God.
Last November 2012, I was asked by my doctor to go for a routine blood test. A few days later I was informed by her that my blood levels showed “alarmingly”high amounts of a substance that pointed in the direction of prostate cancer. She asked me to come to her surgery to pick up a referral to a specialist in a local cancer clinic. She asked me to make an appointment, which I did, for the 24th of January 2013. I was worried of course, especially since I exhibited all the symptoms associated with prostate problems. The specialist discussed the results of the blood test with me, confirming that I needed treatment. I was asked to sign a document allowing them to conduct a relevant combination of chemotherapy and radio therapy treatment. Prior to the commencement of the treatment, I was asked to have another blood and urine test for the next appointment on the 28th of February.
Well, I was very concerned of course and it really tested my faith. I had not mentioned the situation to my wife because I did not want to worry her. Over the years I had read much on the Divine Will, the importance of saying “Fiat” and to stay in peace. During that time I continued to read the ‘WARNING SECOND COMING’ messages and recited the Crusade prayers given to us by Our Lord to help save our brothers and sisters. I can attest that they are most powerful and strengthening for our spirit.
In particular I began to often pray the Crusade Prayer 94 ‘To Cure the Mind, Body and Soul’. I kept reading the associated message of the 15th of January 2013, “Please take this new Gift of Healing I present to you now.” From that point onwards, putting all my faith, trust and love into it, I recited that prayer every day. On one occasion when I prayed it deeply and meditatively, I had a sensation urging me to say it a second time even more slowly and deeply. Immediately, I was aware of a special presence in my soul urging me to repeat it a third time. Immediately again I was flooded with peace and the gift of knowing that everything is in His Divine Will, “By reciting it you will know that this request for help will bring down upon you, and those you include in this prayer, great gifts from Heaven.”
The time came for my second blood test and on the 28th of February I was heading for the cancer clinic. My wife still had no idea. After sitting for approximately two hours in the surgery observing all the sick and frightened men, it was finally my turn to see the specialist. During the whole time I was calm and felt at peace, having put everything trustfully in Jesus’ hands. When I was called in, the specialist was quite out of sorts and dumbfounded. Holding in his hands the result of the second blood and urine test, he was almost angry saying” what am I supposed to do with this, I don’t know what to tell you now.” Although I am close to 70 years old, the blood and urine test was absolutely perfect across the whole spectrum, “better than a young and healthy man’s” according to the specialist. Although I was totally surprised, I had felt in my heart during the whole waiting time in the surgery, that the Lord had intervened. Sometime later, I became aware that the symptoms had totally disappeared. Both my wife and I were overwhelmed with gratitude for the healing that the Lord had granted me.
We would like to thank God for his mercy and for the truth and faithfulness of His Word. This healing has touched our family deeply and we are continuing to pray the very efficacious Crusade Prayers. All praise and glory to our God!

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Mission Team Member writes, “During our travels on the Australian Mission at one of the meetings in country New South Wales, a lady spoke of someone who on receiving the ‘Seal of the Living God’, had an experience of the Heavenly Floral fragrance (often understood to be a sign of Our Blessed Mother’s presence and sometimes referred to as the ‘smell of roses’).
It was some months after hearing of this, that I came to speak with, Eileen, the lady who experienced this miracle.
She in fact lives in Brisbane, and is a lady I have known for many years. She told me that on acquiring a ‘Seal of the Living God’, for the first week and a half she had it in her home, there was a Heavenly fragrance throughout the house. With this experience she was very moved and confirmed in the authenticity of the messages coming from Heaven through Maria Divine Mercy.”

Dubbo, NSW, Australia
Mission Team Member writes, “When on the Australian Mission we were at Brisbane Airport, about to fly to Darwin, a lady, Leisa, from the New South Wales inland city of Dubbo phoned us. We had not been anywhere near Dubbo on the mission itinerary.
Leisa excitedly told us that she had been printing the Crusade Prayers on an inkjet printer and noticed that a floral fragrance was coming from the pages of the printed prayers. I came to meet up with Leisa and her husband, Andrew, a few days later. Without any probing on my part, Andrew proffered me the information that the fragrance was overwhelmingly strong.
To test what was happening they decided to examine other material that they had recently printed, of a non-religious in nature.
No fragrance!!
They decided to print some more pages but with content of a totally non-religious nature.
No fragrance!!
Leisa was very much uplifted, and profoundly affected by this experience.”

Newcastle, NSW
A lady Lucy who organised the Newcastle venue, had been reading a ‘Warning Second Coming’ message referring to the looming split in the Catholic Church. Within 24 hours she saw that her rosary beads had split precisely down the middle, between the 5th Hail Mary of the 3rd decade and the 6th Hail Mary of that decade. Looking closely at the links between the 2 beads where the split had occurred there was no way of explaining how it could possibly have happened. There were no gaps in the links for the split to have been effected. This lady was very deeply moved from this phenomenon occurring on her very own rosary beads. We met this young lady and saw the rosary beads first hand, when at the Newcastle venue on the Australian Mission. A final point of interest in this story is that Lucy is the sister of Rita from Darwin.

Matthew – Queensland, Australia – as written by his mother
“I am here to give God the glory, through the messages of Jesus to Mankind. I wish to share with you what my son Matthew experienced.
He is 38 years old, married with 2 young children and lives in Queensland. Just over 2 years ago Matthew had a conversion experience, shortly after he was diagnosed with leukemia. He had not practiced his faith for about 18 – 20 years. He now follows our Catholic faith in fullness and reads the messages faithfully.
Matthew shared with me that he had read the message given by the Father on January 27th, 2014. He said that as he began to read the sentence before the prayer, HE FELT A BIG HAND COME AROUND HIM and it lasted about a minute. “I did not know what I was about to read when I began to feel the big hand come around me”.
The message of January 27th, 2014, given by the Father is as follows:
“Not one of you will be left untouched by My Hand of Mercy. Allow me to open your hearts so that you will be blessed by My Hand.
Say to me: Dearest Father, reach out and touch my body and soul with Your Hand of Mercy Amen”. I will respond immediately to your call.”
Matthew had once said to me that his condition is a blessing.
Lord, I give you my heartfelt thanks, glory and honour for all you have given to our family. Lord your holy will be done.”

Darwin, Australia
An Australian ‘Jesus to Mankind’ prayer group was meeting in a Catholic Church, with the permission of the Parish Priest.
On a given occasion, as the prayer group was meeting, the PP came along and was upset with the nature of one of the recent messages that had come through Maria Divine Mercy. He was reproaching the prayer group leader for approximately 30 minutes in relation to his concerns.
Meanwhile the prayer group was waiting patiently to commence praying.
One of the prayer group members, a Filipino lady, randomly opened a volume of the ‘Book of Truth’, and it opened at a message in which the Lord was saying that so many of the clergy would oppose these messages. This lady went forward to show to the priest and prayer group leader the message that her eyes fell upon when she opened the book.
There was another prayer group member present, who also was Filipino.
She explained that she had been napping 2 hours before the prayer meeting was to commence.
She had a dream during that nap. In the dream she saw the PP admonishing the prayer group leader, along with seeing the first Filipino lady holding a book open and showing it to both the priest and the prayer group leader.

Melbourne, Australia
Mission Team Member Writes: On a given occasion I visited and spoke to one of the Melbourne ‘Jesus to Mankind’ prayer groups. At this meeting I spoke of the many stories of miracles associated with the ‘Book of Truth’ messages and the ‘Crusade Prayers’. After the meeting, the lady Martina who is the leader of the Prayer group, drove two ladies who attended back to their respective homes. One of those ladies, before getting into the car, announced that she smelt a strong floral fragrance. For the entire journey home she continued to experience that fragrance. She told Martina that the fragrance was emanating from her, Martina. Neither Martina nor the third lady in the car could smell a thing. When she climbed out of the car she could still smell the fragrance.
Jesus Appears to Martina
The same lady, Martina, was at home one day when Jesus appeared to her, physically. She held His hand and was with her for approximately 30 minutes. The significance is that here, Jesus appeared to a lady who had been a Crusade Prayer group leader for over 3 years, and an avid follower of the messages coming though Maria Divine Mercy.
Martina writes: The Night I saw my Friend Jesus.
Mother’s Day Night, 11th May 2014
I had to work Mother’s Day and came home at 7.30pm. After a tiring day I went to bed at about 10.30pm.
I settled down in bed and closed my eyes, then before me, I saw Jesus.
Immediately I said, “Hello Jesus, nice to see you! You’re wearing something different today!” (What He was wearing I had never seen before, in any pictures or statues of Him) I could see him looking at me. His face looked exactly like in the picture of Him that Maria Divine Mercy has, with bright blue eyes.
Next I knew, I was holding his hand and telling him how much I loved him and kissing his hand tenderly. At the same time, feeling His great love, a love so great and beautiful I cannot describe, a love that penetrates your whole body.
After this, I looked at Jesus standing before me and he was not wearing the usual gown but on his chest, a breast plate (like the ones worn in Roman times). The breast plate was white with a gold trim. On the front of the breast plate I could see two ships (ships like the ones Don Bosco saw with the Pope standing at the front of the ship), and the two ships were moving as though they were at war with each other, fighting each other.

Melbourne, Australia
A lady, Marjorie, who had been reading the messages and become a member of a Jesus to Mankind prayer group, was struggling badly emotionally, because of the nature and content of a recent message that had been given to Maria Divine Mercy.
In the midst of her emotional turmoil, one evening on going to bed, she smelt incense, incense that is used in Catholic Benediction. She had helped in the sacristy of her parish church for a number of years and was very familiar with the fragrance of that incense.
She went out to the kitchen for a glass of water, then came back to her bedroom. The smell of incense was still in the bedroom. She took the fragrance as being a sign that Jesus was present, that there was no reason for concern, and that the messages coming through Maria Divine Mercy were indeed from God.

Western Australia C’s husband and his parents were miraculously saved from a potential head on car accident just a few kilometres from the parents’ home in the south west.

His father, who does not believe in religion, was driving back to their home after shopping in a neighbouring town and was forced to drive the car onto the gravel shoulder of the road approaching a bend, because a car was approaching on the wrong side of the road which forced C’s father-in-law to make this move. The roads are thickly lined with very large trees on both sides, which made for a potentially fatal scenario, even though C’s father-in-law had moved onto the shoulder of the road the oncoming vehicle was heading directly at them. With no option to avoid the oncoming vehicle and facing certain death C’s father-in-law felt a strong hand (not visible) take control of the steering wheel manoeuvring the vehicle safely passed the oncoming vehicle with less than a centre meter between them and bringing their car safely to a stop. The oncoming vehicle corrected itself and continued on its journey without stopping. C’s husband after climbing out of the vehicle commented to his parents that he watched the vehicle get closer and closer and as the gap closed to within 1cm he felt absolutely certain they would make contact and he prepared himself to leave this earth. C later told her husband and his parents that they were alive for one reason and one reason only and asked her husband to then take the ‘Seal of the Living God’ out of his wallet and show his parents. He had the Seal on his person when this incident occurred. After many attempts of trying to communicate the great gift that the Seal of the Living God is to his parents they finally asked to have the Seal which they placed in their car and home.

C has told me that many people have conveyed to her that the Smell of Flowers has come from the ‘Seal of the Living God’ which she has sent to ‘Book of Truth’ followers in a number of countries around the world.

Stories to Emerge from the US Mission

Orange County CA, USA

Mission Team Member writes, “David was a very significant helper in the organising and helping with the US Mission. He was responsible for helping us find the physically biggest venue for that mission. He also came to help us in a most significant way with the US Mission overall.
We went to Holy Mass with him the morning after we had completed the presentation at the venue he had organised.
During the Mass at a certain point, I saw that David was kneeling and bent forward with his hands to his face. My immediate thought was that David certainly looked to be a very holy and prayerful guy.
It was later at breakfast that David explained what happened at Mass, without my questioning him, because the incident had left my mind.
He said that all the way through the Mass from beginning to end, he experienced the heavenly fragrance (smell of roses).
David, a big strapping guy, was obviously very moved by this experience, as he had tears in his eyes as he related the experience to us.” David’s wife, Kelly said that when he came home after Mass that morning, he was a weeping unrestrainedly. This was the second time Kelly had ever seen her husband cry. The miraculous sign was a strong confirmation to David and ourselves that all relating to ‘The Book of Truth’ was truly from Heaven.

Mary – St Louis MO, USA
Mary runs a wonderful Catholic bookshop in St Louis MO.
One evening as the prayer group met in the bookshop, as it always does, something quite astonishing happened. The prayer group had present, a statue of Our Lord. During the prayers, at a certain point, Mary saw that one of the hands of Jesus moved from the diagonal position it was in, to the vertical, as in Jesus giving a blessing. Other prayer group members came to see it. This phenomenon now has happened on a number of occasions with this statue during the Jesus to Mankind prayer group meeting.
Mary joined us at the Houston leg of the US Mission, and was also with us for the Dallas and St Louis venues, where she was able to both show the statue to those who came to these meetings, and relate the story to the audience herself.

Julie – St Louis MO, USA
Julie, the organiser of the two St Louis venues, had two printed signs made up to help the attendees find their way to the Book of Truth seminars in St Louis MO.
The signs were in the form of the Seal of the Living God. No Prayers were on the sign, just the ‘Red Seal’, with the sign being roughly one square yard in size.
Before the first St Louis meeting, when it was still light outside, Julie decided to move one of the signs from where she had first placed it, to a new position.
When she emerged from the venue at the end of the meeting, being late at night, darkness had set in. She then saw something that took her breath away. The sign that she had moved, now had a spotlight shining flush onto it.
Then, even more astonishing, when Julie’s mother came out from the venue she also saw the sign, but she did not see the Red Seal on it, she saw the Face of Jesus, with the Crown of Thorns on His Head.

Warsaw, Poland
At the end of a Book of Truth seminar in Warsaw a gentleman came forward to speak with the Mission Team Speaker.
He was approximately 6 feet 6 inches tall, with the looks of a film star. He said to the speaker, “I am a victim soul. I saw you surrounded by blue light throughout the talk.” At the same venue in Poland, another man came forward to the Mission Team Speaker saying that his mission in life now is to distribute ‘The Seal of the Living God’ to as many as possible. Recently he had given the ‘Seal’ to a man who had tried to commit suicide twice. Two weeks after he had given this man the ‘Seal’ he tried to commit suicide again, by taking 130 sleeping tablets. After the man survived the attempt he was saying, “As long as I have the ‘Seal’, it will not let me die.”
What a strong and graphic illustration of the powerful protection ‘The Seal of the Living God’ provides.

Miracles & Mystical Experiences of Philippine & Vietnam Missions

No 1 – Manila, Philippines.
At the end of the first seminar in the Philippines, which was in Manila, two ladies came forward saying that three of them saw the same things through the talk. They said that each of them had seen the mission team speaker surrounded by blue light throughout the talk. Each of these ladies saw another phenomenon. They saw on a screen behind the speakers, the shroud of Turin.That screen was not used in any way as part of the presentation. All three ladies saw precisely the same two phenomena during this presentation.

No 2 – Cebu, Philippines
Approximately 400 people attended the seminar in Cebu. At the end of the day when most had left to go home, and only 70 or so remained, a young lady in her mid 20’s, Jade, came forward, explaining that she had experienced a mystical event during the presentation. Jade is one who had experienced the mystical a number of times before in her life.
She told us she had seen Our Lady standing behind the speakers as they presented their talks. Our Lady was luminous. Her arms were extended towards the audience. Light was radiating from her hands and arms onto all those present at the meeting. There were cherub angels above Our Lady. St Michael the Archangel was present. She saw devils outside the windows of the venue trying to get in, but they could not.

No 3 – Mindanao, Philippines
The mission team was told of this event whilst on the island of Mindanao. Richie, a young man who helped with the organisation of one of the 3 venues on Mindanao Island told us this story. He said in one of the towns of Mindanao, on a given day, many of the children at the local school saw ‘The Seal of the Living God’ in the sky. Simultaneously, many adults in the town saw Our Lady in the sky.

No 4 – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
One of the venues in Ho Chi Minh City was a coffee shop with about 50 people present. An interpreter was used for all of the venues in Vietnam as very few people there speak English. One of the mission team was speaking of the many times the smell of roses (heavenly fragrance) has occurred in relation to the Book of Truth mission. As he was describing this, the faces of a group of around 6 ladies all lit up. Through the interpreter they explained that they were experiencing the heavenly floral fragrance just as the mission team member was speaking of this phenomenon. There were no flowers present and no-one else could smell it.

Auckland, New Zealand
Mara is a lady originally from China, now living in New Zealand.
She was born into a totally non-religious family. She later joined a certain protestant religion. After discovering ‘The Book of Truth’ messages, she converted to Catholicism.
As she was striving to live the messages coming from Heaven through Maria Divine Mercy, she decided to fast one day each week. Mara however had a big hurdle to overcome if she was to be able to fast. She had experienced stomach problems for many years, and had to follow a strict eating regime each day, in order to avoid excruciating stomach pains. She told the Lord that she wished to follow his request to fast once per week, but that if she were to do this He would have to heal her. The Lord healed her stomach. Since then Mara has been fasting on water only, one day every week, and is totally committed to doing all the Lord is asking of us through ‘The Book of Truth’ messages.

Sydney, Australia
Veronica writes: On Thursday 24th September we had a visitor to our Prayer Group. Graham is the son of one of our prayer group members, and we had been praying and trying to help him. He had been far away from his Faith. Then suddenly a few weeks ago, he went to Confession and Holy Communion. He had felt very special after Holy Communion and inspired. He started to read the Bible and anything he could find, but within a few days, he had turned and was accusing his mother of idolatry and worshipping holy pictures and statues. There were many other issues. His mother was trying to help. Prayer group member, Donna, was trying to help the mother. But nothing worked, and we were getting nowhere. Finally, a thought popped into Donna’s head – she told his mum to invite him to our prayer group. So she did. There he was last Thursday at our JTM prayer meeting. It all seemed very normal. He joined in all the prayers and the Rosary (Sorrowful Mysteries) and The Divine Mercy Chaplet. At the end, as usual we picked 3 readings at random from the Book of Truth and Bible. When we finished and started to chat, Graham said that every single word in every message was meant for him. He was on a “spiritual high” – he was full of zeal and ready to go and fight for Jesus! The theme for our Crusade prayers for that day was “Special Graces”. After Graham and his mum arrived home, he texted me more information. He had been discussing the prayer group with his mother. Following is the conversation (as it is on my phone):“Hi Veronica. It’s Graham. Just told mum about something that happened in prayer group today during the crusade prayers and she said I should have told you all. The entire room lit up and got brighter, like when someone turns up a dimmer. I didn’t think much of it as I honestly thought someone had done just that, but mum said she never saw it. But it was so bright she couldn’t have missed this!!” Further to the above description of the light, Graham later said, “I saw first, a flash of light, followed by a dim luminescence of the entire room. It slowly became brighter and brighter. I’m not sure how long it remained, because I closed my eyes. At the time I thought someone had simply switched on the light and turned it up.” Graham, explaining this, said later that this happened during the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. A notable thing, which I (Veronica) mentioned to the group after we had said the prayers, was that during the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, I heard a voice, behind my shoulder, say my name. I turned my head slightly in that direction, but quickly realised there was no-one there except the ladies on either side of me praying. I believe it was my guardian angel. It seems I had this experience at the same time Graham was having his, each experience confirming the other. Graham later also conveyed, “Ever since I prayed with you guys, many times, not ALL the time, but MANY times since, I see the Blessed Virgin Mary and Sweet Jesus standing over me, with their hands, one on each shoulder. Jesus’ right hand on my right shoulder, Mary’s left hand on my left shoulder. Jesus is ALWAYS on my right.”

Healing Testimony in China
Last Sunday I went to hospital for a check-up. And then I was told that there were two polyps in my womb and a cyst in my ovary. I was asked to have an operation. To be honest, I really did not expect this result. While I was sitting in the transfusion hall (for I am taking medicine by way of transfusion which is a common practice in China), I remembered the story of Maria which you told me. Then there was peace in my heart and I just said to Jesus : “Lord, your will be done.” “Lord, your will be done.” Then I felt and actually saw He was there with me, and smiling at me. Through the whole treatment I was at peace and appreciative for what I was undergoing. I did not know what would happen in my body, but I was ready to accept what God wanted to happen.
The following morning, after saying the Crusade prayer with a priest, I went to the prayer room to get the Eucharist to take home. But after I took it out of the Tabernacle, I found that He wanted to stay on my chest … Then I held the Eucharist and put It on my chest for a while, before I put It into the tabernacle in my house. After that, I bowed down to the ground to worship Him. Unexpectedly, He stretched out His hand, put it on my left shoulder, and said, ” I will do it, be healed.” (One thing needs to be clarified here. It is that I did not pray for healing) … He said: “You cannot imagine how these words ‘Your Will be done’ pleased me such that I even wanted to heal you yesterday.” Then He explained that because He needs me to lead His Remnant Army in China, and there are so many things He needs me to do, therefore He healed me. So now I just need to go to the hospital for treatment until this coming Saturday. An operation is no longer needed.
And every treatment is the most sweet time for me to be with Jesus.
Glory and praise to God forever

More From China

When the Chinese Mission Team Organizer for China arrived in the city of Chengdu, China, this year (2016), where a ‘Book of Truth’ seminar had been held in 2015, the group members told her that something happened during that first gathering.
At that talk, a lady saw St Michael standing behind the Mission Team Speaker. He was the same size as the speaker. Both speaker and translator were surrounded by white and yellow light.
At this latest seminar (2016) when Chinese Mission Team Organizer was giving a talk to the group, the same lady, who saw St Michael and the light the first time, in 2015, saw that the speaker was surrounded by the same light as was seen that first occasion. Moreover, the figure of a dove appeared on her head.
The speaker was really encouraged by these visions because now she needed to give talks alone, as compared to when she was with the Mission Team Speaker in 2015. She was struggling to think of what to say in the talks she was to give, so she prayed at the beginning of each hour, as she spoke throughout the day.
Praying to Jesus, He inspired her as what she was to say, in what were whole day seminars, a long time for any speaker to deliver a talk.

Miracle in Lourdes
From Organiser of French Meetings.
Here is my little testimony of what happened in Lourdes. There were three seminars in France in 2014: two in Paris, on 13 and 14 June; one in Lourdes, on 30 August. Although there were only a small amount of assistance, not exceeding 30 persons per seminar, our Mother of Salvation showed us that She was there amongst us. In Paris, She came nearly incognito, as only a couple of persons were blessed to smell Her perfume of roses, at the end of both meetings. Those persons came to the French coordinator to ask her if she too smelt the perfume. She said she didn’t, and couldn’t because she had a cold. But at the second meeting, then she happened to be able to smell it, not a strong one, and only for just a minute, and many others, not all, did smell it too. It was a perfume of roses, and the flowers we had put besides the Statue of Our Lady of France weren’t roses. Joseph had told us that She was present at each meeting together with the Holy Spirit and St. Michael. In Lourdes, it was much different. The venue was to be held in the conference room of the hotel in Lourdes, but just two weeks before, for safety reasons, we were asked to hold it in Pau, some 30 km away. It was very difficult to find a conference room in Pau, and the organizers were pleased to find one in a city-owned building, where rooms were rented to some radical unions and left-wing parties, along with social or charitable societies. There was no alternative so the 190-seat room was booked, hoping that a priest would come to exorcise and bless the room just before the seminar started. The French coordinator came to visit the building and the room the day before the seminar, and she found a poor room, untidied, dull. To add to her torment, none of the priests she contacted could come on that day, all being busy with meetings preparing the start of catechism teaching, four days later. So the organizers prayed for the success of the seminar, putting it all in the Hands of our Lord Jesus. When the guardians opened the door of the conference room to us, the very day of the conference, we all uttered a sound of contentment, because the room had been cleaned, the sun was shining through the windows, and the building was quiet.

We felt the change as compared to the day before, but couldn’t imagine that the Holy Virgin was present. And we made it even more attractive with the Crucifix, the Statue of the Holy Virgin, the big Seal of the Living God, and the white and pink flowers. The seminar went on, Joseph was inspired, and one of the attendants who had been receiving locutions from Jesus said that his face turned different when he spoke about the Book of Truth from when he was normal, as if it lit up. At the end of the seminar, people started to leave the room but the organizer asked them to stay, as there was still a chant to be sung, which was the Prayer of Abandonment from St Charles de Foucault. It was during this prayer that everybody sang, that the delicate perfume of roses filled the room. It persisted during the whole chant and everybody but one could smell it. All were smiling. The only person who couldn’t smell it was Pierre, who had come with his wife from Lyons. Maybe it was because he had told Joseph that he didn’t like the portrait of Our Mother of Salvation on the Medal.

Vision At Retreat in Europe
There was a gathering in Europe of members of the Remnant Army who are totally involved in the belief in and promotion of ‘The Book of Truth’. During a prayer session to consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, under the guidance of a Remnant Army priest, one of the members of the group experienced a vision of Our Blessed Mother.
The vision occurred immediately after the group members had consecrated themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and prior to their Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
The mystical event was described as follows:-
Our Lady appeared wearing a white garment and a blue mantle, with Her arms outstretched. Her blue mantle formed a shelter of protection for the whole group.
The group was kneeling in a circle around the vision of Our Lady, and under Her Mantle. There was a beautiful and bright cloth like band between each person, bonding them together, as one, in union with Our Blessed Mother, and with our Eucharistic Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ within the Heart of Mother Mary.
The group had come from many parts of the world to join in a spiritual retreat. This very special blessing for the group came towards the end of what was a five day instruction on the five spiritual principles of the Book of Truth Remnant Army. The retreat included many hours of Eucharistic Adoration on both a group and individual basis.
Two main points of interpretation of this vision, given by the recipient of it, are:-
Firstly, this group is under the protection of Our Lady.
Secondly, that this group was and remains united as one. (It is to be noted that the group was brought together for this purpose), therefore, as a unit, they became very strong and powerful to defeat the devil.
Tony M
This message was given to the world 5 days before Jorge stepped out onto the Vatican balcony on March 13, 2013. But most of the catholic world dismissed it then......expecting we have a wonderful new Pope & how dare anyone or any prophetic message question him......time to wake up & start listening to what Jesus has told us in advance about Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
He has been sent to dismantle My …More
This message was given to the world 5 days before Jorge stepped out onto the Vatican balcony on March 13, 2013. But most of the catholic world dismissed it then......expecting we have a wonderful new Pope & how dare anyone or any prophetic message question him......time to wake up & start listening to what Jesus has told us in advance about Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

He has been sent to dismantle My Church and tear it up into little pieces (mybookoftruth.com)

He has been sent to dismantle My Church and tear it up into little pieces

Friday Mar 08, 2013 at 02:05 pm

My dearly beloved daughter, Satan is in a rage against My Church on earth and his infestation continues to spread within its walls.

The cunning imposter, who has lain in waiting in the wings, patiently, will soon declare his reign over My poor unsuspecting sacred servants
. The pain he will inflict is too hard for Me to bear, and yet, his reign will culminate in the final purging of evil from within the core of My Church.

He has carefully manipulated his position and soon his pompous demeanor will be seen amidst his splendid court. His pride, arrogance and self-obsession will be carefully hidden from the world in the beginning. To the outside world, a sigh of relief will be heard as the trumpets peal out to announce his term as head of My Church.

My Body is My Church, but it will not be to Me, Jesus Christ, he will pledge his loyalty, for he does not possess any love for Me. His loyalty is to the beast and how he will laugh and sneer at My sacred servants who will support him.

He who dares to sit in My Temple, and who has been sent by the evil one, cannot speak the truth, for he does not come from Me. He has been sent to dismantle My Church and tear it up into little pieces before he will spit it out from his vile mouth.

My Body is My Church. My Church is still alive but only those who speak the Truth and adhere to the Holy Word of God can be part of My Church on earth. Now that the final insult is to be manifested against Me, Jesus Christ, through the Chair of Peter, you will finally understand the Truth.

The Book of Truth, foretold to Daniel, for the time of the end, will not be taken lightly by members of My Church, for its content will sicken My beloved sacred servants when they realise that I speak the Truth.

The false prophet – he who poses as the leader of My Church – is ready to wear the robes, which were not made for him.

He will desecrate My Holy Eucharist and will divide My Church in half and then by half again.

He will make efforts to dismiss those loyal followers of My beloved Holy Vicar Pope Benedict XVI, appointed by Me.

He will root out all those who are loyal to My Teachings and throw them to the wolves.

His actions won’t become apparent immediately, but soon the signs will be seen as he sets out to seek the support of influential world leaders and those in high places.

When the abomination takes root the changes will be sudden. Announcements by him to create a united Catholic Church by linking up with all faiths and other religions will come soon after.

He will head up the new one-world religion and will reign over pagan religions. He will embrace atheism by waivering the stigma he will say is attached in the pursuit of so-called human rights. All sins, in the Eyes of God, will be deemed acceptable by this new inclusive-Church.

Any one who dares to challenge him will be sought out and punished. Those priests, bishops and cardinals who oppose him will be excommunicated and stripped of their titles. Others will be bullied and persecuted with many priests having to go into hiding.

To those poor sacred servants of Mine who recognise My Voice now, please hear Me as I reach out to you to bring you comfort. I would never ask you to reject My Church on earth for it was I, your beloved Saviour, who created it. I offered My Body up as the Living Sacrifice to save you. You have been given the responsibility to testify on My behalf in order to save the souls of those whom you instruct and guide.

All you can do is trust in Me and continue to serve Me. What you must not do is to accept any doctrine presented to you and which you will know, instantly, is not in accordance with My Teachings. You must do what your heart tells you, but know this.

This period is going to cause you deep pain and the raw grief you will experience when you see how My Church will be desecrated will leave you weeping. But you must recognize the lies which are to be presented to you for what they are – an affront to My death on the Cross.

This destruction may result in the collapse of the structure of My Church. The changes and adaptations of buildings along with the new temple created for the one world church will be crafted and placed in Rome.

Be assured that, just as My Temple is desecrated, that I, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of all mankind, will be discarded and thrown into the gutter.

Your Jesus
Carol H
Please, we do not need more unapproved messages; especially ones that spout what you want to hear and add to the division within the Church. This is not the voice of heaven; its just more dissenting human drivel that pulls the soul down. Stay with Fatima and Padre Pio :)
la verdad prevalece
Proverbs 17:15
Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition
He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, both are abominable before God.More
Proverbs 17:15

Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition

He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, both are abominable before God.
la verdad prevalece
Bergoglio attacks the Faithful Church defying the Law of God. His accomplices support him as well as when Lucifer rebelled against God, dragging the apostate angels with him.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Francis will be sick again in a few weeks...and it'll be a bigger issue this time. The same whining, the same panicking in the Vatican. It will be interesting viewing on TV of the desperate Bergoglians as their ship and agenda quickly sinks.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Those 25,000 good faithful Catholics at Chartres yesterday and today celebrating Catholic tradition and the Tridentine Latin Mass, not to mention millions and millions of other likeminded Catholics are giving the middle finger to Francis and his Vatican and his agenda every day. And he/they deserve it.
Live Mike
The One World Religion globalist dressed in white is at it again.
la verdad prevalece
Bergoglio is stuck in the vengeful atheist-gay Marxist ideology to challenge God and the Church