Munich: War As A Pretext for Blasphemy

A seven-metre-high propaganda sculpture in blue with a yellow loincloth is on display in Munich's Saint Maximilian Church (Domradio.de, 20 March).

The figure, which is presented as a symbol against the war in Ukraine, was cut out of an oak trunk with a chain saw. The arms are - because of the shape of the branch - strangely stretched upwards.

The pastor of St Maximilian is the homosexualist Rainer Schießler, who has already produced a gay pseudo-marriage and other scandals in this church.

Picture: Screenshot Domradio.de, #newsRohtfimfge

Germany's Synodal Path, defined by its art.
Sancte Teotónio
Horrendous, also is that graffiti art in the background?
Let us pray for pope Francis to repent ,it's never to late for him
Yes blasphemy is the word ,they always use things that were God,s symbol to promote sin
andreas adi
how can faithfull pray for consencration for russia with that thing?
and what cardboard in the background for?
Jeffrey Ade
They can't! This is evil and it messes with these poor Catholic's minds!