273 Pray with Mary

Mary has only one goal. She always invites us to the same reality; to follow Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Mary repeatedly begs us to follow Jesus.

The Catholic Church never sees in Mary a goddess or God. It is never taught by the Church. She is a simple woman with an extraordinary experience of faith, by the grace of God. And we venerate her for who she is and for her “yes”.

A statue of Mary represents the grace of God in a woman. The memory of this woman becomes an example of true faith. The more we meditate on what God has done (blessed) in Mary, the more reasons for worshiping God.

When we kneel before her, we ask her to pray with us and for us. When we kneel before Mary, she carries our heart to Jesus. When we pray to Mary, she offers our prayers to Jesus. When we speak to Mary, she speaks to Jesus about us and for us. We ask Mary to show us the way to Jesus.

We like to ask another person to pray for us. And we pray for others. It isn’t because we intercede in prayer for another person that we stand between the person and God and that it would prevent him from reaching the heart of that person. When we pray for others, we do not place ourselves against God. To pray for a person is to let God through our heart (for God) to Love our neighbour. God Loves us to pray him for one another.

Mary does not stand between Jesus and his children. She helps us to reach her Son. Our thinking and meditation go further than a statue as our family meal allow more human depth than mere food. The body of a person allows going further than just his body, for example. It allows him to join the creation of God, the Heart of God.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Refusing sin, Normand Thomas