Your Excellency, Thank you for taking the time to read this missive as I imagine you have little or none to spare and to paraphrase Blaise Pascal, if I had had more time, I would have written a shorter one. I am speaking to you today not only in your appointment as the Governor-General and Commander in Chief of the Australian Defence Force but also, and please forgive the impertinence, as a father, a husband, a soldier and as a man. I believe we first met at the Australian Defence Force Warfare Centre in 1993. I was a Major and a Company Commander in the 1st Commando Regiment and you, well you were the best-known Lieutenant Colonel in the Australian Army. You were Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Battle Group freshly returned from Somalia where you successfully led the Australian military contribution for Operation Restore Hope. It was Australia’s first active service deployment since Vietnam and one in which every infantry soldier had wanted to be included and every infantry officer would have given their eye teeth to hold a command. When we spoke of your experiences, you were both honest and modest with respect to your role and while you knew both you and the Battle Group performed well, by your own admission, you were mostly bewildered that the trajectory of your life and career had been boosted immeasurably, by a single stroke of good fortune that had positioned you in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. You did not feel that you were special but rather just lucky. Well, I don’t believe in luck. And so the years passed and you moved from strength to strength reaching the pinnacle of your military career as the head of all three services Navy, Army and Air Force as the Chief of the Defence Force which was followed by your appointment as the Governor of New South Wales and now as the Governor General of Australia. In your long and distinguished service which has included sitting under a tree in the Somali desert negotiating with warlords through to dining sumptuously with global potentates you have witnessed the world from a rare vantage point. You have met more than your fair share of good and decent people unassumingly living their lives as well as the imbeciles and tyrants who believe they rule the world. You know their quality. You also understand how they gain and remain in power, and how they execute their plans by appointing to positions of authority, those whose only qualification for the job is their weakness, corruption and in many cases their downright depravity. 2 2 And this brings me immediately to the purpose of this communication. You can’t but know that Australia has been under attack for decades from malevolent international forces. Our people and our institutions have been slowly crushed under the weight of treason and sedition and sadly, knowingly or not, you have played your part… and so have I… and so have many others. I will presume you also know the future that awaits Australia under the cover of a demonstrably false let’s call it the COVID Plandemic, as we move inexorably into what can only be described as global depopulation. You quite likely are aware of the facts but please bear with me as I briefly outline them for the benefit of those who are unaware of the truth of the matter. Firstly, let’s examine the alleged therapeutic treatment being forced on the Australian people by the Governments of Australia. I am speaking of course of the experimental injections which by the way do not meet the accepted definitions of vaccines. Let me ask and answer three simple questions: Are they safe, Are they effective, and Are they necessary? First question - Is it Safe? No, it is not. In animal trials, the animals died. Their own immune systems killed them through a process called pathogenic priming or paradoxical immune enhancement. Studies on humans were not done. The Australian people over whom you hold the ultimate responsibility are the study, and it has been found that the experimental injections in people: • cause blood clots which if occur in the heart causes a heart attack and if in the brain a stroke, with 40% occurring in the first three or four days of injection, • cause myocarditis or inflammation of the heart in young adults at rates previously unseen, • increase miscarriages in the first trimester from 10% to 80%, • cause death to nursing infants within days of the breast-feeding mother receiving the injection, • those fortunate enough to survive are likely to be maimed for life suffering diseases such as Bell’s Palsy, Guillain-Barré Syndrome and uncontrollable full body tremors. 3 3 • its long-term effects are not precisely known because the development process was truncated but it appears that the following are likely: o infertility from damage to ovarian function and reduced sperm counts, o increases in autoimmune diseases, and o increased risk of cancer. Second Question - Is it effective? No, it is not. The most vaccinated nations in the world Israel and Seychelles are suffering the highest rate of infection. Third Question - Is it necessary? No, it is not. The survival rate with no treatment of healthy children under the age of 18 is 99.998% and for adults generally is 99.927% Food and Drug Administration officials in the United States have resigned as a result of the push to vaccinate children. Dr Robert Malone, the American virologist and immunologist and the inventor of the mRNA technology has stated that governments are lying to the people, that the potential side effects are unpredictable and that it should not be used. It occurs to me that the only reason one might want to inject children is if they practice child sacrifice. Now as calamitous as all this is, it is not within your purview as the Governor General. So let us now examine the issues that are, specifically unconstitutional actions by a government that might include malfeasance, the serious wrongdoing by a public official and nonfeasance, that is a failure to act where there was a duty to act. In relation to the COVID Plandemic, the Federal Government is deceiving the Australian people as follows: • recording and reporting COVID deaths in a deceptive manner, • failure to attribute and report deaths caused by the experimental injections, • enforcement of unlawful and punitive mask mandates, • concealment from the public that masks do not provide protection, • concealment from the public that prolonged wearing of masks is deleterious to health especially in children, • concealment from the public the rates of depression and suicide directly attributable to unnecessary and counter-productive government decisions, 4 4 • unconstitutional WA state government legislation in 2016 for forced vaccination that predates the alleged outbreak in 2019, • using the PCR test to detect COVID when it cannot do so, • concealment from the public of the admission by Dr Kary Mullis the inventor of the PCR test of its inability to detect COVID, • preventing treatment of COVID sufferers with safe, effective, tested and inexpensive and readily available treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, • concealment from the public that more people have died from the experimental mRNA gene therapy and other experimental injections than from the COVID itself, • concealing from the public that the number and type of adverse effects of the experimental COVID injections would normally result in their withdrawal but that this has inexplicably not occurred, • concealing from the public that the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and the Australian Federal Department of Health admitted that neither had an isolated specimen of the COVID virus nor the alleged delta strain, • finally, concealing from the public that if safe, effective and proven treatments against COVID exist, which they do, there is by definition no emergency and therefore the actions and decisions taken by Government are, if not unconstitutional, then certainly unlawful. In adding insult to literal injury, while claiming the experimental injections are not mandatory, the Government is once again unlawfully denying the people freedoms and services as well as using unlawful threats in order to force them to submit to unwanted, unproven forced medical treatment under the authority of the Emergency Declaration which you signed. Let me say that again - there is no medical emergency and so the government is acting unlawfully and if this situation is permitted to continue unchecked, tens of thousands if not more Australians will be killed. As if all this wasn’t enough, the Government’s request for the use of the Australian Defence Force in this unlawful act of violence against the Australian people can only be described as downright despicable yet you acceded to this unlawful request. Your Excellency, if I have made any errors with facts above, I apologise but when trying to understand COVID and the Government’s responses to it, the bullshit piles up so fast you need wings to stay above it. It has only been the decency of the Australian people that has mitigated against any outbreak of violence despite the countless unconstitutional and unlawful provocations by the polity, the bureaucracy, the judiciary, the constabulary, the military, the media, the corporations, the unions, the charities and religious organisations. Australia is on the brink of civilisational collapse and you are the last remaining lawful and constitutional bulwark. You have both the constitutional authority and responsibility to act. 5 5 In order to save Australia, you have three broad courses of action open to you. • you deny Royal Assent to the unconstitutional Bills put before you, • you may dismiss the Prime Minister, or • you may appoint a new Federal Executive Council. In denying Royal Assent, you have three options: • firstly, you may simply withhold assent to the Bill, • secondly, you may reserve the law for the Queen’s pleasure, or • thirdly, you may return the Bill to its origin with amendments. In dismissing the Prime Minister, the power can be exercised where: • it is clear that the government has persisted in breaching a fundamental constitutional provision; • the government has ignored calls from you, the Governor-General to desist from this conduct; and • the contravention is not justiciable – that is, it cannot be brought before the courts. In appointing a new Federal Executive Council, you may appoint officers to administer such departments of State of the Commonwealth as the Governor-General in Council may establish. Such officers shall hold office during the pleasure of the Governor-General. They shall be members of the Federal Executive Council and shall be the Queen’s Ministers of State of the Commonwealth. No Minister of State shall hold office for a longer period than three months unless he is or becomes a senator or a member of the House of Representatives. This final point in most important because it means that you are able to appoint a new Federal Executive Council drawing from the entire Australian population and not just from the parliament. Think on the implications. I am certain that any number of constitutional lawyers will immediately reject all the courses of action I have outlined but conventions are not laws and then again sometimes, very rarely, in extremis, it is best that these questions of law are tested de facto in the courts. Governors General are chosen for their stability and reason. None choose a celebrated place in history and those likely to seek notoriety disqualify themselves for the position. But when an egregiously unlawful and unwarranted attack is about to befall those whom one loves, what is one to do? 6 6 On a personal note, I have already made my position public and on three occasions given fair warning to those who might harm my family and that I would kill anyone who came between me and my children. Would you act differently? Would you stand back and passively allow your wife and children to be attacked, poisoned, maimed or killed. This is precisely what the Australian Federal and State Governments are, through the police forces and the Defence Force, inflicting on the Australian people. This is the situation we now face as a nation and we either act to defend ourselves or we shall die. It is unlikely you wish to consider any of the courses of action outlined above. It is truly a choice between bad and worse, all being unpalatable. However, unlike Julius Caesar, in crossing this particular Rubicon which I personally believe you should and must, you will not be leading Australia into a civil war but rather taking the last best chance of averting one. No people, not even the good Australian men and women who daily and modestly toil to create a decent home and nation for their children and grandchildren, will turn the other cheek indefinitely. There is a line that if crossed will lead to an undesirable and lamentable future for Australia and I believe you understand how perilously close to that line we are. Your Excellency, enough is enough. As I said at the beginning of this piece, I don’t believe in luck. But I do believe that you are the right man, in exactly the right place at exactly the right time in history to save Australia. I won’t pretend to know the mind of God but I know I could not forgive myself and live in eternity knowing I did not do all that I could do, up to my dying breath, to halt this crime of all crimes and act to save millions of innocent Australian children, women and men. It is with great sincerity and hope that you think and feel the same way and then act accordingly. Yours faithfully, Riccardo Bosi National Leader AustraliaOne 17 September 2021
For all the attention the addressee will give this letter, the time spent drafting it would have been better spent weeding the garden.