Jerry Maus
Die Genderisierung kommt vom Satanismus unter den Politikern, die den elendigen Dämon Baphomet anbeten.
Tina 13
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Ein Arzt postete dies auf Twitter Das bricht buchstäblich mein Arztherz. Wie könnte jeder Arzt, jeder Elternteil, jede Regierung mit diesem Schritt einverstanden sein? H / T Dr. von Anastasia Maria Loupis. Diese armen, armen Mädchen !
Michael Karasek
Angst vor Brustkrebs??????
geringstes Rädchen
So pfuscht man Gott ins Handwerk! ... denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun!
@Michael Karasek
Falsch: von verbrecherischen Ärzt:nnen, Schmierant:nnen u.ä. Drecksäcken induziertes Transirresein.
Paul Mclenson
Holy Cow this world is beyond SICK! I dread God's days of Justice coming!
Is that a girl ? Ewwwwww…
Does anyone else see the pentagram on the arm of the girl? Probably possessed in some way. God have mercy!
Jeffrey Ade
Sorry wouldn't ever look that close!
These girls are pawns to the evil globalists that want to destroy humanity.
Jeffrey Ade
Yes, but aren't we all!
Jo Santoss
In 3 year's when their hormones calm down they will both regret this irreversible mistake. Pray for them. The one thing they don't tell you is that 27% of trans sex op teens commit suicide after the procedure.
Mengelism=Satanism solution Viva Cristo Rey!
Jeffrey Ade
Laura Yunque
God help us!
Oh, dear, poor children! Pray for our children!
Doctors that are willing to do this are criminals and they should be prosecuted together with the politicians whom agree with this insane and evil surgeries
Too bad we cannot do a public hanging. These doctors are instruments of Satan. Really breaks my heart to see young girls destroyed like this. The female body is beautiful nothing to be butchered.
Carlos Santos
Abuse. 😭 🙏
How awful to actually see it. This is simply child abuse. God help them.
Three girls I saw in an interview said they'd phoned Planned Parenthood, and been prescribed the drugs. Again, Planned Parenthood and big Pharma teaming up together. These children will be obliged to take medication for the rest of their lives; now that's big money!