10-year-old Christian children get suspended from school for not accepting the LGBT ideology.

UK Headmistress Suspends Two 10-Year-Olds for ‘Homophobia’

The headteacher of Heavers Farm Primary School in South London suspended two 10-year-old Christian students after one of them asked for permission …
From the country that gave us Orwell, the man who famously coined the concept of "thought-crime".
Jim Dorchak
Thank GOD .... really thank God.. that someone recognizes that these kids do not belong in that school! The parents should have removed them long ago because the school is a bad environment for them. So thank you God for removing these kids from continued abuse.
Dr Bobus
Logo-phobia seems to be the way of life of the Headmistress..

Nb: John 18. The world hates me.
2006: "How does two men getting married affect you?"
2019: "Your children must participate in our Pride events or else they will get suspended."