410. The nobility of work

How much time is spent at work, how many dialogues are there between two employees on multiple topics? It can also become an opportunity to slowly and gradually implant an important topic of faith.

In Genesis, God says that we will work at the sweat of our forehead. But this reality happened after the human got scared of God.

In fact, when we walk with Jesus, it’s no longer a job, much less forehead sweat, it becomes a vocation. It’s works, and it is time and energy. But it’s really different with Jesus.

When we are on a mission with Jesus, it’s no longer a job, it’s to let God be God in our life, to let Jesus be in our heart and to share his Love with others. How sweet! For the rest of the work and because of sin, yes, it’s through the sweat of our forehead.

The more we achieve his will, the more we’ll discover Jesus in our lives and in those of others.

By becoming workers of Jesus, we help the world to find him. It would be nice if each person had a little something to realize, simply, for evangelization in their environment. Only through prayer, we participate in evangelization.

There are also other ways. The Lord hires all the time. Let’s ask him to work in his vineyard.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Here, where we are, Normand Thomas