Covid circus men made Benedict XVI their performing bear

Today, among other things, abused authorities are becoming an effective means of influencing public opinion on taking a fatally dangerous vaccine. To this end, a report was published: “Benedict XVI (94) and his entire household staff will receive the Covid-19 vaccine, Archbishop Georg Gänswein told the German Catholic News Agency (KNA).”

The aim is to break public opinion about taking the vaccine. This gesture is intended to drown out the warning voice of real experts and to force Catholics to be mass-vaccinated.

Why does Archbp Gänswein not arrange for Benedict XVI to be visited by immunology experts to make him clear on the issue of the new mRNA vaccine and its fatal consequences? It would then be useful to publish an interview with him about his moral view of this crime of mutilation and genocide of mankind.

The new vaccine changes the human genome and makes man a genetically modified organism affected by autoimmune diseases. Among other things, it also contains a hydrogel with organic nanoparticles, which are already a form of chipping.

Bergoglio has already been compromised in many ways. He has enthroned the Pachamama and promotes the legalization of same-sex unions. Benedict XVI is a much stronger authority for orthodox-minded Catholics. Therefore, the propaganda about Benedict XVI getting vaccinated against Covid-19 will confuse the Catholic public much more than the fact that Bergoglio has allegedly taken the vaccine. This psychological manipulation has a precise goal. The Vatican is becoming the most active promoter of a new fatally dangerous vaccine, abusing a positive attitude towards Benedict XVI.

However, it is necessary to realize not only the positive aspects about Benedict XVI. The reality is that he was an adviser to the liberal German Cardinal Josef Frings at the Second Vatican Council. Bergoglio’s heresies and his steps towards the self-destruction of the Church are actually the fruits of the Second Vatican Council, which Benedict XVI has never broken with radically. The most fatal step was that Benedict XVI, although warned many times, beatified John Paul II on 1 May 2011. In this way he de facto raised John Paul’s life programme to the honours of the altar:

1) In 1983, John Paul II received Freemasons into the Church.

2) He ordered to cover up priestly paedophilia, and the result has been a homosexual network in the highest places within the Church.

3) John Paul II neglected to punish and de facto approved the mass-spreading heresy of neomodernism through the historical-critical method in theology.

4) He made a gesture of syncretism in Assisi (1986). He summoned the leaders of pagan cults and prayed with them. By this gesture he declared that Christianity and paganism are equally valid ways to salvation, which is the supreme heresy.

All this was beatified by Benedict XVI and canonized by Bergoglio.

May Benedict XVI use the time left to him to repent and not to promote genocidal vaccination according to the intentions of Bergoglio!

Msgr Gänswein confirmed that on 13 January 2021, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI allegedly received the first dose of Pfizer BioNTech vaccine at the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery.

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

16 January 2021

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP) is a community of monks, priests and bishops living in monasteries. The BCP is headed by Patriarch Elijah with two Secretary Bishops, +Timothy and +Methodius. The BCP arose from the need to defend the fundamental Christian truths against heresies and apostasy. It does not recognize pseudo Pope Bergoglio and is not subordinate to him.

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