Pope Francis Is Promoting Mortal Sin – Bishop Schneider

Kazakhstan Bishop Athanasius Schneider notices a “flood of the homosexual heresy” inside the Church and an “embarrassed silence” amongst “many bishops”.

Writing to (November 25), Schneider re-states that homosexual acts are “against nature and reason” and lead to eternal damnation.

Clerics who advocate for the legitimacy of homosexuality - Schneider explains - are not servants of Christ but of the “political and media regime of homosexuality” and therefore “regime bishops”.

According to Schneider, the Holy See [read: Pope Francis] does not oppose the advance of gay ideology, but even assigns ecclesiastical tasks to supporters of this perversion.

Schneider notices that Pope Francis currently fails in "strengthening the truth regarding homosexuality."

Silence implies consent, and here to grave immorality and grave scandal to Jesus' lambs.
Now here is a courageous Bishop that would make a great Pope .God bless him
Many thanks and prayers for Bishop Athanasius Schneider...