German Archdiocese: Transvestitism And “Diverse" Enter Novus Ordo Baptismal Register

The official August 2 bulletin of Freiburg Archdiocese, Germany, has revised the entries in the baptismal register for children living in homosex …
la verdad prevalece
This German anti-Catholic apostate schismatic diabolical sect is in full communion with Bergoglio.
Jeffrey Ade
la verdad prevalece
Let them be Anathema!
Jeffrey Ade
They already are!
John A Cassani
This will inevitably lead to the simulated ordination of females, and males who are pretending to be female, and the German bishops will be very happy with it.
Wilma Lopez
God Is Everything
@Wilma Lopez As horrifying as this picture is when we look at it, it is truthful. Satan and his demons are after the children through the perverted souls they own.