PM Orbán at CPAC: Here’s Hungary’s 12-point recipe for Christian conservative success

In his keynote lecture this morning at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Budapest, Prime Minister Orbán laid out his “open-source,” 12-point recipe that Christian conservatives around the world should consider if they are shooting for success.
Addressing a crowd of international, conservative opinion-leaders in Budapest this morning at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that following the April 3 parliamentary elections, we can safely conclude that Christian conservatism has prevailed in Hungary. Focusing on the concrete steps he recommends that conservatives around the world take if they want to succeed, PM Orbán laid out his “open-source,” 12-point recipe.

“The first point,” PM Orbán began, “is that we must play by our own rules.” According to him, one can only rise to victory if they do not accept the solutions and directions put forward by others. “That is why we must not be discouraged by being shouted at, by being labeled unfit, or by being treated as troublemakers abroad. In fact, it is suspicious if none of this happens. Please note that anyone who plays by the rules of his opponents will certainly lose,” PM Orbán said.

Getting to the second point of his recipe, PM Orbán said that we must implement national conservatism in domestic policy. “The cause of the nation is not a matter of ideology, nor even of tradition. Churches and families must be supported because they are the building blocks of a nation. It also means staying on the side of the electorate,” he said.

According to the PM, his government decided to put up a fence on Hungary’s southern border because Hungarian people said that they do not want to live together with illegal migrants. “They said, Viktor, build a wall. And three months later, the wall was standing. The secret of it all is not to overthink it,” PM Orbán said.

The third point is keeping national interest at the center of foreign policy.

“Progressives have always believed that foreign policy was a battle of ideologies, a battle of good and bad, where the course of history is decided. But as far as I can see, my dear friends, there have been at least four of these great battles in the last 100 years. Something is wrong with the formula. Our response should be a simple and clear antithesis to the progressives. Hungary First, America First. We need interest-based foreign policy. This is not always easy because foreign policy is often a complicated world,” PM Orbán said.

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