Anything Goes: Bishop Allows Nurses To "Anoint" The Sick

Springfield Bishop Mitchell Rozanski, USA, "allowed" nurses on March 25 to perform [invalid] anointings of the sick.

Rozanski planned that a priest would stand outside the room while a nurse would enter and administers the oil.

Prayers could be provided via telephone.

On March 27, reported about this. An hour later, Rozanski rescinded his "permission."


Deacon Waugh
Just another horses arse of a Bishop. We have so many of them now. Stop giving them money!
Another Fagola of the Bergoglian (Antipope) Homosexual Network Strangling the Church.
If a nurse can wear a gown and a mask and walk into a sick-room safely, why can't a priest? That collar-size reveals he's read more take-out menus than Catholic doctrine.
Dr Bobus
Looking at his biography, I see that he studied theology at Pathological College. Another example of a cleric who is not familiar with basic principles of Doctrine. In any class on the Sacraments, even to teenagers, the question of who is the minister is a necessary part of instruction.
Poor sick people, they expect a sacrament, this bad man gives them a sacrilege... Do the math