On this 4th of July, the most popular president in history defines America in a single word.
capernum shares this
Sounds like FOOT and MOUTH!
Jeffrey Ade
There is a prayer to be said after mass for the government! Pray for our leaders, because Our Dearest Lord and Lady do not want them to go to hell! Let us all say a Hail Mary right now for our leaders!
Jeffrey Ade
@jac05 I can assure you it will be THEIR catastrophe!
That's right, however many, many, many people, both good and bad are going to suffer very, very, very much from four Apocalypse riders that they have draft in our times.
Roberto 55
Very good definition.
Last voting in USA reminds voting in USSR, where old, top communist party members like Tschernienko, Andropov were chosen to lead, then suddenly died. Kamala is waiting for her chance, then the final catastrophy is going to begin.