Francis’ Destroyer of Religious Institutes Could Become Toledo Cardinal

Marco Tosatti writes that Archbishop José Carballo, 65, the secretary for the Congregation for Religious, may become Toledo Archbishop and later a Cardinal.

Carballo is a Franciscan who was personally involved in a huge financial scandal of his order.

He has acted as Francis' hitman against the Franciscans of the Immaculate, the French Little Sisters of Mary, and other groups. According to Tosatti the Vatican currently investigates more than ninety (!) religious communities.

Carballo seems to be an enemy of contemplative life. Tosatti writes that he encouraged cloistered nuns “to go out, to go out”.

Picture: José Carballo, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsBibfinzgxu
Their time is running out, pray for them not to enter into the pit of hell
It's Christ's Will that Contemplative Nuns should keep apart from the world and live in Community, praying and fasting for sinners.
This silly man will bring the wrath of Christ down on his arrogant head. Who is HE to view the Contemplative life of none-active Religious as pointless?
The archbishop is being promoted so that he can go out and destroy what is left of the Catholic faith.