"Has the U.S. been, 'Trumped'?" Fr. Marcel Guarnizo

When analyzing the true worth of a potential investment it is critical that the numbers on the balance sheet justify the valuation being given to the investment. The stock market, for instance, has currently been correcting the prices of companies with high valuations to match the real fundamentals behind the numbers. Far too many companies are at present overpriced and over-hyped. Likewise, the political realm could use some sobering up by checking the fundamentals of high-flying candidates against real numbers. Having momentum is not the same thing as having sustainable value and solid numbers.

A real estate developer such as Mr. Trump has a skill that in the present situation is a double-edged sword. As a real estate developer, he can sell. But just what is the real value of what he is selling? Buyers can get caught in the spell of the enthusiastic promises and fail thereby to exercise due diligence and check if the numbers and promises justify the claims.

One such claim that requires a critical analysis is Trump’s claim..

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