Zollitsch outrageously dismisses Archbishop Müller

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Archbishop Zollitsch, the Archbishop Emeritus of Freiburg, has dismissed Archbishop Müller’s demand that Freiburg withdraw its pastoral document recommending that divorced and re-married Catholics receive Holy Communion saying in an interview that the Prefect of the CDF is not the Pope and that his position represents ‘Tradition’ not majority opinion that is in favour of Zollitsch’s plan. Archbishop Zollitsch said the following to Die Welt:

Archbishop Zollitsch’s determination to propose Holy Communion for divorced and re-married at the Synod in October

“How can this topic be off the table? 35 to 40 percent of marriages end in divorce these days. As Church we ask ourselves: How should we relate to those concerned? This is the question that our pastoral care office’s proposal asks. I feel much strengthened by Pope Francis, who has called his own Extraordinary Synod on Marriage and Family for October of 2014. There we want to present what we in Freiburg have drafted.”

Archbishop Zollitsch’s rejection of the authority of the CDF
Is your upcoming retirement or the general euphoria about Pope Francis the reason for being so relaxed about comments from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith?

“Neither. As President of the Bishops’ Conference I have, in recent years, after our spring and autumn meeting, traveled to Rome to explain our position. If a prefect of one the various Congregations would then oppose this position, I would think to go slowly. A Prefect is not the Pope. I look for dialogue, and for me that is the way of collegiality and the dialogue in the Church.”

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