Scott Hahn's endorsement for Bishop Tobin's brave tweet.
Jeffrey Ade
Well after all he is Novus Ordo!
Cor Jesu Sacratissimum
Scott Hahn is an Opus Dei member, isn't it?
It's come to something when a tweet is deemed brave. Is that the best we can hope for from the better bishops?
The tweet is good of course, but your observation is excellent!
Carlos Santos
I find that for ever "modern" issue, one only has to look at the Bible to find the proper answer, no matter what the situation is. Gee, it's almost like it's Divine or something... 😉
Veritas Imperat
Unfortunately, Bp Tobin is on his way to retirement......! (or maybe not.. really)
John A Cassani
And he’s the sort who tends to be replaced quickly, though I pray that he gets an extra few years, like his neighbor to the northeast.
John A Cassani
Bishop Tobin is a bishop who actually cares for his flock. Quite rare these days.